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    The Seas of South-East Asia

    With China and the United States determined to protect their interests in the seas of South East Asia, it will require the most sophisticated of diplomats to ensure the openness and peace of the South China Sea.

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    The Poor Man's Consumption Fix for China

    China's economic imbalances are the result of urbanization and migration, not financial policy, and expanding residence rights for migrants would do more to boost consumption than fiddling with interest rates.

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    Wounded Giants

    French President Sarkozy’s request for Chinese money in support of the euro rescue symbolized three historic shifts in great power relations: the fragility and endangerment of the European project, the ascendance of China, and the beginning of the end of the American era.

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    North Korea: Time for Secret Talks with China

    The death of North Korean dictator Kim Jung Il increases the likelihood that the stress on the multiple fault lines in Korean society will reach the point of breaking. Secret talks with China to plan for contingencies may be needed now more than ever.

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    Global Economic Outlook: China, the Euro Crisis, and the United States

    The global economic outlook for 2012 and 2013 is exceptionally uncertain. With the euro crisis continuing to fester, a global credit crunch, and generalized slowdown threatening emerging markets, it remains unclear where growth will come from.

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    Europe, the United States, and Asia

    • Ulrich Speck
    • December 01, 2011

    Europeans should recognize that Washington’s increased engagement in the Asia-Pacific is also in Europe’s best interests and work to develop its own strategic approach toward the region.

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    The Fireworks Are Still Missing

    Despite initially high expectations, the enhanced relationship between India and the European Union has so far made relatively little impact and has fallen short of its own objectives.

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    An Unexpected Inspiration

    Sources of inspiration are becoming increasingly difficult to come by in Europe’s current age of austerity, but there are some things that Europe can learn from Taiwan.

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    Germany Must Do It, Not China

    Having benefited from the euro at the expense of nations such as Greece, Spain, and Portugal, Germany now has the opportunity to take responsibility for the survival of the Eurozone by sacrificing its current account surplus and allowing debt-laden countries to resume growth.

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    The Canned Summit

    Although Cannes provided the United States and the broader G20 with an opportunity to rescue Europe from its current economic turmoil, the G20 did not make the tough decisions necessary to end the Eurozone crisis.

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