The re-election of Obama means one thing for Europe: the need for more Europe, not less. Obama has far too many foreign policy issues to deal with during his second term, and Europe is not one of them. This means that the EU and NATO have to take a hard look at how they are going to deal with a new order across the Atlantic that was already taking shape during Obama’s first administration.

For NATO it means accepting the fact that the United States is not going to keep picking up the pieces. The Pentagon has not forgotten NATO’s mission in Libya. Either NATO responds to that new reality or it will become a mere tool-box, and often inadequately equipped, for America’s coalitions of the willing.

As for the EU, it should realize that it is going to have limited influence outside the bloc as long as it does not have strategic goals. That will only happen once the member states realize that pooling sovereignty will make Europe more secure and stronger. That may revive America’s interest.