Capitals Series

  • Letter From Beijing
    Shi Zhiqin, Lai Suetyi
    April 28, 2017

    Amid the threats of an inward-looking United States and rising European populism, cooperation between the EU and China is more necessary than ever.

  • Letter From Brasília

    Joe LeahyFriday, April 21, 2017

      Despite relative stability at home, Brazilians are increasingly concerned about the decline of globalization in advanced economies, particularly in Europe.

    • Letter From Canberra

      Geoff KitneyFriday, April 14, 2017

        The future of the EU will be vital to Australia’s national interests, even though some Australians will continue to see Britain first when looking at Europe.

      • Letter From New Delhi

        C. Raja MohanFriday, April 07, 2017

          India sees the EU’s new emphasis on balancing interests and values as long overdue and welcomes Europe’s aspiration for greater strategic autonomy in the world.

        • Europe Still Looking Backward at Its Southern Neighbors

          Judy DempseyWednesday, March 30, 2016

            In its foreign policy toward North Africa and the Middle East, the EU is putting stability before human rights, as it did before the Arab Spring.

          • Letter From Rabat

            Aboubakr JamaiFriday, March 25, 2016

              The EU’s timid insistence on political reform in Morocco coupled with unrelenting financial and diplomatic support might have removed the incentive for reforms.

            • Letter From Palestine

              Raja KhalidiFriday, March 18, 2016

                Palestinians cannot fathom why European citizens’ support for Palestinian rights has advanced so much more in recent decades than official EU positions.

              • Letter From Beirut

                Bashshar HaydarFriday, March 11, 2016

                  The EU should refrain from acting in Lebanon like a humanitarian NGOs and should behave instead like a serious power with effective sticks and carrots.

                • Letter From Tripoli

                  Tarek MegerisiFriday, March 04, 2016

                    If European policymakers want to help stabilize and reorient Libya, they should recall the lessons of the five years since the country’s 2011 revolution.

                  • Letter From Cairo

                    Nancy OkailFriday, February 26, 2016

                      The EU’s approach toward Egypt is based on misperceptions and false assumptions, and European support fails to reflect the country’s social and political dynamics.

                    • Letter From Algiers

                      Dalia Ghanem-YazbeckFriday, February 19, 2016

                        Algerians want Europe to be far more involved in promoting democracy, freedom of the media, independent civil society, and migration issues.

                      • Letter From Amman

                        Ahmad Masa’dehThursday, February 11, 2016

                          EU initiatives in Jordan should focus on projects that lead to real political development and enhance the welfare and life quality of Jordanian citizens.

                        • Letter From Tunis

                          Walid HaddoukFriday, February 05, 2016

                            Despite over two decades of partnership, it is unclear whether the EU’s approach toward Tunisia has increased the country’s economic and social wealth.

                          • Letter From Jerusalem

                            Menachem KleinFriday, January 29, 2016

                              Because of the distance between them, the EU and Israel have serious misperceptions of each other. That puts the EU in a strategic, political, and moral dilemma.

                            • Letter From Damascus

                              Salam KawakibiFriday, January 22, 2016

                              If the Europeans do not take the Syrian conflict seriously, other global actors will not take the Europeans seriously either.

                            • The EU’s Benign Neglect of Eastern Europe

                              Judy DempseyFriday, January 15, 2016

                                To the EU’s detriment, its policy toward its Eastern neighbors is neither creating an arc of stability nor encouraging democracy.

                              • Letter From Tbilisi

                                Nino LejavaFriday, December 11, 2015

                                  Georgia tries to distance itself from the rest of the South Caucasus through a process of integration with the West. But that process is far from plain sailing.

                                • Letter From Chişinău

                                  Igor BoțanFriday, December 04, 2015

                                    In the last five years, Moldova has gone from success story to captured state. Any EU support for the country should be linked to the fight against corruption.

                                  • Letter From Baku

                                    Emin MilliFriday, November 27, 2015

                                      The EU’s problem in Azerbaijan is that it lacks leverage. Smart and targeted sanctions against certain government figures would help.

                                    • Letter From Minsk

                                      Andrei YahorauFriday, November 20, 2015

                                        If the EU wants a reliable partner in Belarus, the country must be transformed into a more democratic state. Only the Belarusian people can achieve this transformation.

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