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  • Macron’s Victory Is Just the Beginning
    May 08, 2017

    France’s new president has five years to put his country and Europe on a new trajectory. The challenges he faces are huge.

  • How to Reset the Franco-German Balance

    Caroline de GruyterFriday, May 05, 2017

      To increase its power in Europe and lessen German dominance, France needs to change itself and build a real European political union to underpin the euro.

    • Macron, Le Pen, and the Future of France’s Alliances

      Alexandra de Hoop SchefferThursday, May 04, 2017

        In an election campaign dominated by opposing views on Europe and globalization, France’s presidential candidates agree that the country needs to rethink its traditional alliances.

      • Brexit and the Irish Question

        Judy DempseyTuesday, May 02, 2017

          Britain’s decision to leave the European Union could spur the unification of Ireland and the breakup of the United Kingdom.

        • A Netanyahu Snub, a German Response

          Judy DempseyWednesday, April 26, 2017

            Israel’s prime minister is doing neither himself nor his country any favors in refusing to meet the German foreign minister.

          • Judy Asks: Is Populism on the Run?

            Judy DempseyWednesday, April 26, 2017

              A selection of experts answer a new question from Judy Dempsey on the foreign and security policy challenges shaping Europe’s role in the world.

            • France’s Choice, Europe’s Future

              Judy DempseyMonday, April 24, 2017

                The selection of the next president of France will have profound implications for the country, for Europe, and for the Western liberal order.

              • Letter From Brasília

                Joe LeahyFriday, April 21, 2017

                  Despite relative stability at home, Brazilians are increasingly concerned about the decline of globalization in advanced economies, particularly in Europe.

                • Judy Asks: Does France Need to Change?

                  Judy DempseyThursday, April 20, 2017

                    A selection of experts answer a new question from Judy Dempsey on the foreign and security policy challenges shaping Europe’s role in the world.

                  • France Teeters Between Total Collapse and Renewed Influence

                    Pierre VimontWednesday, April 19, 2017

                      Voters in France should seize the upcoming presidential election as an opportunity to halt the country’s twenty-year economic decline and enact long-overdue reforms.

                    • May’s Election Gamble

                      Peter KellnerWednesday, April 19, 2017

                        Opinion polls suggest that the ruling Conservatives will comfortably win the snap UK general election to be held on June 8—but political fortunes are increasingly unpredictable.

                      • Macron Eyes the Franco-German Bond

                        Judy DempseyTuesday, April 18, 2017

                          The future of Europe and, especially, of the Franco-German relationship depends on who becomes France’s next president.

                        • Letter From Canberra

                          Geoff KitneyFriday, April 14, 2017

                            The future of the EU will be vital to Australia’s national interests, even though some Australians will continue to see Britain first when looking at Europe.

                          • Diagnosing the French Malaise

                            Alice Baudry, Laurent BigorgneThursday, April 13, 2017

                              A combination of economic woes, historical baggage, and political distrust means that France is perceived as Europe’s weak link.

                            • Washington’s Way to European Hearts

                              Tomáš ValášekTuesday, April 11, 2017

                                The NATO secretary general should use his meeting with the U.S. president on April 12 to convey important messages on terrorism and defense spending.

                              • Brexit Between The Rock and a Hard Place

                                Peter KellnerMonday, April 10, 2017

                                  A recent row over the future status of Gibraltar is likely to provide the template for other issues in the coming negotiations on Britain’s withdrawal from the EU.

                                • Letter From New Delhi

                                  C. Raja MohanFriday, April 07, 2017

                                    India sees the EU’s new emphasis on balancing interests and values as long overdue and welcomes Europe’s aspiration for greater strategic autonomy in the world.

                                  • France’s Trumpian Defense Policy

                                    Daniel KeohaneThursday, April 06, 2017

                                      U.S. President Donald Trump may not be popular in France, but some of his views on defense and security could be considered typical French positions.

                                    • Judy Asks: Is Europe Powerless in the Middle East?

                                      Judy DempseyWednesday, April 05, 2017

                                        A selection of experts answer a new question from Judy Dempsey on the foreign and security policy challenges shaping Europe’s role in the world.

                                      • A Europe of Clusters

                                        Andrew A. MichtaFriday, March 31, 2017

                                          The EU is on the threshold of a systemic adjustment comparable with that seen at the end of the Cold War. The process of reorganization is likely to be anything but orderly.

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