Turkey’s Transformation

  • Op-Ed
    Can Turkey Become a Trusted Strategic EU Ally?
    Marc Pierini June 30, 2014 Hürriyet Daily News

    Whoever will be the next president of Turkey will have the difficult task of rebuilding trust with the EU. The challenge is linked to Turkey’s foreign and domestic policies.

  • Article
    Turkey’s Uphill Battle in Syria
    Sinan Ülgen June 10, 2014 عربي

    Turkey faces the challenge of recalibrating its policy toward Syria given the Assad regime’s resilience and gradual recovery of international legitimacy.

  • Op-Ed
    Erdoğan’s Pyrrhic Victory
    Sinan Ülgen April 3, 2014 Project Syndicate

    After winning recent local elections, Turkey’s prime minister may opt to lower the political temperature at home in the hope of repairing the country’s frayed relations abroad.

  • Op-Ed
    Recep Tayyip Erdoğan’s Shallow Version of Democracy Will Falter
    Sinan Ülgen March 27, 2014 Financial Times

    Turkey’s local elections on March 30 are set to be a contest between two visions of democracy. The outcome will have serious implications for the future of democratic freedoms.

  • Article
    How Far Backward Is Turkey Sliding?
    Marc Pierini March 3, 2014

    Turkey is in the midst of a deepening political crisis with far-reaching consequences. That is worrisome not just at home but also for outside actors, especially the EU.

  • Op-Ed
    Erdoğan’s Timely Visit to Brussels
    Marc Pierini January 13, 2014 Hürriyet Daily News

    The bonds between Turkey and the EU are reaching a critical moment. Vision, and not local politics, should guide upcoming talks between Erdogan and his EU counterparts.

  • Op-Ed
    Turkey Needs Less Money in Politics, and Less Politics in Court
    Sinan Ülgen January 6, 2014 Financial Times

    The sooner the Turkish political class is able to reach a consensus on the indispensability of a reform agenda, the sooner the country can return to long-term political stability.

  • Op-Ed
    Turkey’s Iran Strategy
    Sinan Ülgen December 27, 2013 Project Syndicate

    Tensions between Saudi Arabia and Iran will become more acute in the years ahead. It is in this context that Turkey’s role as a secular power will become more important than ever.

  • Article
    Making Sense of Turkey’s Foreign Policy
    Marc Pierini December 13, 2013

    In the eyes of the West, Ankara fluctuates on international issues and displays a lack of consistency in dealing with its allies. Why is Turkey’s foreign policy so erratic?

  • Op-Ed
    Two Squares, One Requirement
    Marc Pierini December 9, 2013 Hurriyet Daily News

    Protests in Istanbul and Kiev have similar root causes and similar effects. The demonstrations have shown that citizens can and do take charge in their demand for freedom.

  • TV/Radio Broadcast
    Turkey at the Political and Geographic Nexus
    Marc Pierini April 4, 2013 China Radio International's Beyond Beijing

    Turkey has experienced rising influence, but struggles with internal divides. Currently, it is dealing with regional developments in pursuing peace with the PKK and Israel.

  • TV/Radio Broadcast
    Is Turkey Taking the Lead Against Assad's Regime?
    Marc Pierini April 4, 2013 Fox News

    Following the Syrian crisis, Turkey's main role will be that of providing reconstruction aid.

  • TV/Radio Broadcast
    Turkey's Next Move
    Sinan Ülgen April 11, 2012 France 24

    While Turkey’s foreign policies have created tension with its neighbors, in the long run those policies are likely to enhance the country’s image across the Arab World.

  • TV/Radio Broadcast
    Turkey and Syria
    Sinan Ülgen February 7, 2012 BBC World News

    The overriding concern for Turkish policy makers is to prevent Syria’s implosion and descent into civil war.

  • TV/Radio Broadcast
    Turkey's Role in the Middle East
    Henri Barkey June 8, 2010 Al Jazeera's Inside Story

    Turkey is one of the most economically and politically powerful states in the Middle East and it has recently been taking steps to fill the leadership vacuum that exists in the region.


Carnegie Experts on Turkey’s Transformation

  • Marc Pierini
    Visiting Scholar
    Carnegie Europe

    Pierini is a visiting scholar at Carnegie Europe, where his research focuses on developments in the Middle East and Turkey from a European perspective.

  • Sinan Ülgen
    Visiting Scholar
    Carnegie Europe

    Ülgen is a visiting scholar at Carnegie Europe in Brussels, where his research focuses on the implications of Turkish foreign policy for Europe and the United States, particularly with regard to Turkey’s regional stance and its role in nuclear, energy, and climate issues.


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