Eurozone Crisis

  • Op-Ed
    As Greece Votes, Europe’s Future Hangs in the Balance
    Richard Youngs January 20, 2015 National Interest

    The outcome of Greece’s January 25 election will be pivotal for the country. The way Europe’s political elites respond will have a profound impact on the future of the EU, too.

  • Op-Ed
    Are Europeans Giving Up on Europe?
    Moisés Naím November 29, 2013 Atlantic

    Europe needs to once again seduce the millions of Europeans who no longer believe that the project of building a more united continent will directly benefit them and their families.

  • Op-Ed
    Chancellor Merkel’s Double Vision
    Jan Techau September 19, 2013 International Herald Tribune

    Contrary to widely held beliefs, Angela Merkel’s positions are easy to identify. She has made three fundamental decisions that have defined the structure of her foreign policy.

  • Article
    The Blind Spot in the German Election: The Eurozone
    Daniela Schwarzer September 16, 2013

    Will the next German government finally assume the role of Europe’s political leader? Substantial change in Germany’s approach is unlikely—unless the euro crisis gets even worse.

  • Article
    Chancellor Merkel’s Strategic Opportunity
    Ulrich Speck July 3, 2013

    Germany is the EU’s indispensable power, and an assertive Chancellor Merkel is getting tough with almost everyone. But Berlin is still not thinking strategically.

  • Op-Ed
    Poland Needs Action at Home to Match Influence in EU
    Judy Dempsey June 24, 2013 New York Times

    If Poland wants to become a serious player in Europe, it needs to move toward a competitive economy and adopt the euro.

  • Op-Ed
    Short of Skilled Hands, Germany Looks South
    Judy Dempsey May 27, 2013 New York Times

    Propelled by high unemployment, thousands of educated graduates are leaving Southern Europe for Germany. But it won't be enough to solve the country's long-term labor shortage.

  • Op-Ed
    Why the World Needs a Stronger Europe
    Sinan Ülgen May 15, 2013 Euractiv

    The EU’s tarnished image as a community of nations is alarming. It is therefore essential to create the conditions for a better future in a postcrisis world.

  • Op-Ed
    For Merkel, an Image to Be Managed
    Judy Dempsey May 13, 2013 New York Times

    Angela Merkel, who remains immensely popular, has distanced herself from the scandals shaking her party. But she still needs to change her image before September's elections.

  • Op-Ed
    The Three-Speed World is Not Forever
    Uri Dadush May 3, 2013 L'Espresso

    Although the United States weathered the global recession relatively better than its European counterparts, it is not as strong as it looks and Europe’s long-term prospects are better than its current dismal performance suggests.

  • Strategic Europe
    In Greece, It’s Not the Economy, Stupid!
    Elias Kirgidis, Stratos Pourzitakis January 27, 2015

    To avoid political crisis and economic collapse, Greek policymakers must finally address the deepening social decay that has afflicted their country for decades.

  • Strategic Europe
    Alexis Tsipras’s New Greece
    Judy Dempsey January 26, 2015

    Alexis Tsipras promised voters an end to austerity and a new beginning for Greece. Will he deliver on that pledge?

  • Strategic Europe
    Judy Asks: Are Greece and the Euro Compatible?
    Judy Dempsey January 7, 2015

    Every week, a selection of leading experts answer a new question from Judy Dempsey on the foreign and security policy challenges shaping Europe’s role in the world.

  • TV/Radio Broadcast
    “Revolutionary Political Reform” Needed as European Union Faces Crucial Year
    Jan Techau January 9, 2014 Euronews

    2014 will be a decisive year for Europe’s future. What the EU needs is a revolutionary political reform that can bring European citizens back on board.

  • TV/Radio Broadcast
    The European Union Needs Political Leadership
    Stefan Lehne November 20, 2013 EUANZ TV

    The European Union is still in crisis and it is going through numerous challenges. Political leadership could represent the solution.

  • TV/Radio Broadcast
    A German Europe? The Union Disunited
    Judy Dempsey October 28, 2013 Al Jazeera

    Europe stands between extended integration and enforced disintegration. After the German elections, the question is what to expect for Europe's future.

  • TV/Radio Broadcast
    Does the Eurozone Have a Future?
    Jan Techau June 17, 2013 Polskie Radio

    Although there is still great concern for the eurozone, the discourse has moved from predicting an immediate downfall a year ago to discussing the necessity of economic reform in the continent.

  • TV/Radio Broadcast
    EU Economy
    Uri Dadush May 8, 2013 CRI English

    If growth does not return to Europe in the next two years, the political situation will become more difficult.

  • TV/Radio Broadcast
    Is UK Heading for Divorce With the EU?
    Jan Techau November 21, 2012 Voice of Russia

    The EU budget approval summit may be one of the EU’s most bitter fights in years, but there are far more complex and deeply hidden issues on which EU members cannot agree.

  • TV/Radio Broadcast
    The Future of Euro Still Faces Great Uncertainties
    Jan Techau July 4, 2012 China Radio International

    With the Greek election handing power to a pro-bailout party and EU leaders agreeing to directly extend 100 billion euros in bailout funds to Spanish banks, the eurozone has been granted some much needed respite. But a solution to the crisis remains elusive.


Carnegie Experts on Eurozone Crisis

  • Cornelius Adebahr
    Europe Program

    Adebahr is an associate in the Europe Program at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace in Washington, DC. His research focuses on European foreign policy.

  • Judy Dempsey
    Nonresident Senior Associate
    Carnegie Europe
    Editor in chief
    Strategic Europe

    Dempsey is a nonresident senior associate at Carnegie Europe and editor in chief of Strategic Europe.

  • Jan Techau
    Carnegie Europe

    Techau is the director of Carnegie Europe, the European center of the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace. Techau works on EU integration and foreign policy, transatlantic affairs, and German foreign and security policy.

  • Richard Youngs
    Senior Associate
    Democracy and Rule of Law Program

    Youngs is an expert on the foreign policy of the European Union, in particular on questions of democracy support.


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