EU Politics

    • Strategic Europe

    Does the EU Need a Military Avant-Garde?

    The EU treaties allow willing and capable member states to cooperate more closely on defense. But it is hard to believe that this mechanism will add much to EU security efforts.

    • Strategic Europe

    A Dutch Election in a European Storm

    Geert Wilders, leader of the far-right Party for Freedom, is unlikely to win the Netherlands’ upcoming election. But that won’t stop him from influencing government policies.

    • TV/Radio Broadcast

    The EU on Edge

    The breakup of the European Union into a collection of nation-states would lead to enormous instability.

    • Strategic Europe

    America’s Year, France’s Year

    As the 2017 Munich Security Conference draws to a close, it is clear that the future of the EU will be determined largely in Washington and Paris.

    • Strategic Europe

    The Threat of Grexit Returns

    • Yannos Papantoniou
    • February 09, 2017

    A combination of serious economic policy blunders by Athens and selfish policies by Greece’s eurozone partners have led to an impasse. It is time for sense to prevail.

    • Strategic Europe

    Judy Asks: Should the EU Sanction Its Members?

    A selection of experts answer a new question from Judy Dempsey on the foreign and security policy challenges shaping Europe’s role in the world.

    • Strategic Europe

    Romanians’ Resilience

    Romania’s EU membership has not ridden the country of the deep, pervasive, and ubiquitous scourge of corruption. But the people are not afraid to speak out.

    • Strategic Europe

    Brexit, a Game of Deal or No Deal

    • Peter Kellner
    • February 06, 2017

    One of the trickiest questions in the UK’s impending negotiations to leave the EU is whether London will be expected to pay a penalty for quitting the bloc.

    • Op-Ed

    How Theresa May Will Surprise Trump at Their First Summit

    U.S. President Donald Trump could be in for a big surprise if he thinks he has found a loyal and willing ally from across the pond.

    • Strategic Europe

    Goodbye Obama, Goodbye Britain

    Europe faces a fractured transatlantic relationship as Donald Trump enters office as U.S. president and Britain prepares to leave the European Union.

Carnegie Experts on
EU Politics

  • expert thumbnail - Dempsey
    Judy Dempsey
    Nonresident Senior Fellow
    Carnegie Europe
    Editor in chief
    Strategic Europe
    Dempsey is a nonresident senior fellow at Carnegie Europe and editor in chief of Strategic Europe.
  • expert thumbnail - Lehne
    Stefan Lehne
    Visiting Scholar
    Carnegie Europe
    Lehne is a visiting scholar at Carnegie Europe in Brussels, where his research focuses on the post–Lisbon Treaty development of the European Union’s foreign policy, with a specific focus on relations between the EU and member states.
  • expert thumbnail - Livingston
    David Livingston
    Associate Fellow
    Energy and Climate Program
    Livingston is an associate fellow in Carnegie’s Energy and Climate Program, where his research focuses on geoeconomics, markets, and risk.
  • expert thumbnail - Pierini
    Marc Pierini
    Visiting Scholar
    Carnegie Europe
    Pierini is a visiting scholar at Carnegie Europe, where his research focuses on developments in the Middle East and Turkey from a European perspective.
  • expert thumbnail - Ülgen
    Sinan Ülgen
    Visiting Scholar
    Carnegie Europe
    Ülgen is a visiting scholar at Carnegie Europe in Brussels, where his research focuses on Turkish foreign policy, nuclear policy, cyberpolicy, and transatlantic relations.
  • expert thumbnail - Vimont
    Pierre Vimont
    Senior Fellow
    Carnegie Europe
    Vimont is a senior fellow at Carnegie Europe. His research focuses on the European Neighborhood Policy, transatlantic relations, and French foreign policy.
  • expert thumbnail - Youngs
    Richard Youngs
    Senior Fellow
    Democracy and Rule of Law Program
    Youngs is an expert on the foreign policy of the European Union, in particular on questions of democracy support.

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