Speaking to Jonathan Ferro on Bloomberg Television’s On the Move, Carnegie Europe’s Sinan Ülgen discussed Turkey’s foreign policy and economic priorities following the Turkish presidential elections.

Sinan Ülgen
Ülgen is a senior fellow at Carnegie Europe in Brussels, where his research focuses on Turkish foreign policy, nuclear policy, cyberpolicy, and transatlantic relations.
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Owing to recent developments in the Middle East, “Turkey is looking at the region rather as a security challenge more than trying to establish economic partnerships” he argued. “The trend is to try to establish better relations with Europe and the United States.”

Ülgen added that the tensions in Gaza and Iraq are likely the first foreign policy issues that president Erdoğan needs to tackle in collaboration with Turkey’s Western partners, in particular the U.S.

Domestically, Erdoğan enjoys the support of the population, “One of the strong assets of Erdoğan and his government in the past decade has been economic performance,” Ülgen added.

This broadcast was originally aired on Bloomberg TV.