Richard Youngs
Richard Youngs is a senior fellow in the Democracy, Conflict, and Governance Program, based at Carnegie Europe. He works on EU foreign policy and on issues of international democracy.
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Tarragona—Richard Youngs, senior associate in Carnegie’s Democracy and Rule of Law Program, explained the vital need to understand diversity and fragmentation not in state-based rivalries but in the disconnect ways in which thematic challenges are analyzed and tackled today.

Youngs was speaking at a conference in Tarragona on October 2–3, 2014, which analyzed the increasing diversity and complexity of the Euro-Mediterranean region from different angles. These angles included national conflicts and rivalries, geopolitical transformations and the role of external actors, scenarios for democratic consolidation, and patterns of political continuity. The event also focused on the challenges posed by regional fragmentation for Euro-Mediterranean politics.

This event was originally recorded and published by IEMed Barcelona.