Over the last three years, the European Union has faced fallout from areas of limited statehood and contested order just beyond its borders. Recent events in Belarus and Lebanon are two examples of how governance breakdowns abroad can threaten the EU’s security.

Since 2018, the Horizon2020 EU-LISTCO project has investigated such challenges, making recommendations on how the EU can better foster resilience in its neighborhood. As the project comes to an end, you are cordially invited to a special discussion about EU-LISTCO’s findings.

The event will kick off with a fireside chat between Judy Dempsey and Linas Linkevičius, former foreign minister of Lithuania and a key voice in shaping the EU’s policy toward Belarus.

Judy Dempsey and Linas Linkevičius will then be joined by Riccardo Alcaro and Tanja A. Börzel and for a broader discussion on the challenges and opportunities in the EU’s eastern and southern neighborhoods and the opportunities that a reenergized transatlantic relationship will bring about in the region.


To submit a question for the event, please use the YouTube chat, email brussels@ceip.org, or tweet at us @Carnegie_Europe.