Georgia is experiencing a protracted crisis of polarization. The country’s two main political parties—Georgian Dream and the United National Movement—are locked in a fierce power struggle and show little interest in letting the middle ground win voters’ support.

This political clash, which is straining Tbilisi’s relations with the international community, is but the latest chapter in a three-decades-old story of polarization that has held back Georgia’s democratic development. In this context, how can the country move forward?

Carnegie Europe invites you to a discussion on Georgia’s political chasm featuring Thomas de Waal and Archil Gegeshidze, authors of “Divided Georgia: A Hostage to Polarization,” and Jennifer McCoy. Dimitri Tskitishvili will moderate.

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This event is part of the Future of Georgia project which is run by Carnegie Europe and the Levan Mikeladze Foundation, with financial support from the Government Offices of Sweden and the Finnish Ministry of Foreign Affairs.