Celebrating Ten Years of Carnegie Europe

An award-winning platform at the heart of the European Union in Brussels, Carnegie Europe brings together world-class scholars from across the region to provide in-depth, independent analysis and drive debates on the key geopolitical trends reshaping Europe.

Carnegie Europe is part of the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, a unique global network of policy research centers in Asia, Beirut, Brussels, Moscow, New Delhi, and Washington. Carnegie’s mission, dating back to its founding in 1910, is to advance peace through analysis and development of fresh policy ideas and direct engagement and collaboration with decisionmakers in government, business, and civil society.

Carnegie Europe draws on the resources of a unique global network, with sister offices in Washington, Asia, Beirut, New Delhi, and Moscow. This allows us to tackle Europe’s most consequential challenges from multiple perspectives. Three core programs form Carnegie Europe’s work.

European Influence

Carnegie Europe studies the shifting dynamics from Ukraine to Turkey to Iran to the Western Balkans and explores how the EU and its member states can make bigger contributions to stability and prosperity across Europe’s neighborhood.

European Security

Carnegie Europe analyzes new and emerging threats to the continent and makes recommendations on what kind of security architecture best protects European interests.

European Futures

Carnegie Europe examines a number of converging themes that impact Europe’s future, including populism, Brexit, migration flows, and rule of law crises.


Cornelius Adebahr

Nonresident Fellow

Adebahr’s research focuses primarily on Europe’s relationships with the Western Balkans and Iran.

Thomas de Waal

Senior Fellow

De Waal specializes in Eastern Europe and the Caucasus region. @Tom_deWaal

Judy Dempsey

Nonresident Senior Fellow

Dempsey is the editor in chief of Carnegie Europe’s daily blog, Strategic Europe. @Judy_Dempsey

Peter Kellner

Visiting Scholar

Kellner’s research focuses on Brexit, populism, and electoral democracy. @PeterKellner1

Stefan Lehne

Visiting Scholar

Lehne’s research focuses on Europe’s post-Brexit architecture, migration, and the Western Balkans. @StefanLehne

Marc Pierini

Visiting Scholar

Pierini’s research focuses on developments in the Middle East and Turkey from a European perspective. @MarcPierini1

Gwendolyn Sasse

Nonresident Senior Fellow

Sasse’s research focuses on Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union, EU enlargement, and comparative democratization. @GwendolynSasse

Natalia Shapovalova

Visiting Scholar

Shapovalova specializes in good governance, democracy, and civil society issues.

Sinan Ülgen

Visiting Scholar

Ülgen’s research focuses on the implications of Turkish foreign policy for Europe and the United States, nuclear policy, and the security and economic aspects of transatlantic relations. @sinanulgen1

Tomáš Valášek


Valášek’s research focuses on security and defense, transatlantic relations, and Europe’s Eastern neighborhood. @valasekt

Pierre Vimont

Senior Fellow

Vimont’s research focuses on the European Neighborhood Policy, migration, transatlantic relations, and French foreign policy.

Richard Youngs

Senior Fellow

Youngs is an expert on the foreign policy of the European Union, in particular on questions of democracy support. @YoungsRichard

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