Russia and Caucasus

    • Strategic Europe

    How to Save the Open Skies Treaty

    • Dominik P. Jankowski
    • January 09, 2020

    The multilateral arms control agreement that allows countries to fly unarmed surveillance aircraft over each other’s territory cannot afford to be torn up—but only a big transatlantic effort can save it.

    • The Nagorny Karabakh Conflict in Its Fourth Decade

      The dispute between Armenia and Azerbaijan remains the most dangerous conflict in the post-Soviet space. Even if political tensions have eased since 2018, the region remains dangerously militarized.

      • Op-Ed

      Chechnya’s Awkward Anniversary

      Twenty-five years ago, the Russian government went to war in Chechnya. Few will be marking this anniversary and the two following wars, which ultimately came to define Putin’s transformation of Russia.

      • Strategic Europe

      Georgia’s Dangerous Slide Away From Democracy

      • Kornely Kakachia, Bidzina Lebanidze
      • December 10, 2019

      The EU should help Georgia overcome its latest political crisis and in that way invest in the further democratization and stability of the wider region.

      • Strategic Europe

      What Hope for Ukraine and the Normandy Four Summit?

      Putin holds all the cards to maintain political leverage through a persistent low-intensity war in the Donbas.

      • Strategic Europe

      Is Change Afoot in Azerbaijan?

      Azerbaijan has long been an island of unchanging continuity, but a generational overhaul is underway. With mounting expectations and a resurgent opposition, 2020 will be a testing year for Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev.

      • The New Patchwork Politics of Wider Europe

        The political dynamics of the wider European space have changed dramatically in recent years. The directions of democratic influence now run multiple ways, and the core assumptions underpinning EU democracy support policies need to be rethought.

        • Russia’s Energy Politics and Its Relevance for the EU

          • Marc Pierini
          • October 03, 2019
          • IEMed Mediterranean Yearbook 2019

          Russia continuously uses energy politics as a foreign policy instrument, thwarting EU diversification efforts, setting foot in the MENA region, and establishing itself as a major supplier of energy to China.

          • Paper

          Toward a New EU Democracy Strategy

          In light of big geopolitical changes, the EU has focused on improving its microlevel democracy support. But it most urgently needs a rethink at the macrolevel of its democracy strategy.

          • Strategic Europe

          Judy Asks: Is the Détente Between Ukraine and Russia Real?

          A selection of experts answer a new question from Judy Dempsey on the foreign and security policy challenges shaping Europe’s role in the world.

        Carnegie Experts on
        Russia and Caucasus

        • expert thumbnail - de Waal
          Thomas de Waal
          Senior Fellow
          Carnegie Europe
          De Waal is a senior fellow with Carnegie Europe, specializing in Eastern Europe and the Caucasus region.
        • expert thumbnail - Dempsey
          Judy Dempsey
          Nonresident Senior Fellow
          Carnegie Europe
          Editor in chief
          Strategic Europe
          Dempsey is a nonresident senior fellow at Carnegie Europe and editor in chief of Strategic Europe.
        • expert thumbnail - Lehne
          Stefan Lehne
          Visiting Scholar
          Carnegie Europe
          Lehne is a visiting scholar at Carnegie Europe in Brussels, where his research focuses on the post–Lisbon Treaty development of the European Union’s foreign policy, with a specific focus on relations between the EU and member states.
        • expert thumbnail - Sasse
          Gwendolyn Sasse
          Nonresident Senior Fellow
          Carnegie Europe
          Sasse is a nonresident senior fellow at Carnegie Europe. Her research focuses on Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union, EU enlargement, and comparative democratization.

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