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    Europe Must React to Turkey’s Vote

    Turkey’s recent constitutional referendum passed with the support of little over half of the Turkish population, giving Prime Minister Erdogan an electoral victory and consolidating his political authority.

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    Turkey Faces the Democracy Test

    Turks are preparing to vote on a set of proposed constitutional amendments that risk undermining the independence of the judiciary and eroding one of the necessary checks on the power of the executive branch.

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    Only A Regional Approach Can Bring Middle East Peace

    The best hope for a two state solution is a new, comprehensive approach that involves the most important regional players, including Saudi Arabia and Syria.

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    Peace Talks A Test Of Netanyahu

    The timing of the recent direct peace talks in Washington has more to do with local political realities in the United States, Palestine, and Israel than any belief that the time is ripe for negotiating a sustainable peace.

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    Distinguishing Between Settlers

    Prime Minister Netanyahu must minimize the political and financial support for hard-core settlers, in order to mitigate the possibility that they negatively affect the peace talks.

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    Turkey's Silent Crisis

    Rising tensions between the Turkish government and the country’s Kurdish minority influence every aspect of political and cultural life in the country and threaten U.S. interests in the entire region.

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    Hope for Direct Talks?

    With little chance for a breakthrough in Israeli–Palestinian direct talks, the best hope for the Middle East is a regional approach that secures peace between Israel and the entire Arab world.

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    Palestinian-Israeli Direct Talks and Egypt

    In advance of President Obama's meetings with Egypt's Hosni Mubarak and Jordan's King Abdullah II and the Palestinian–Israeli direct talks, Carnegie experts previewed expectations for the talks and discussed Mubarak’s visit as the country approaches critical parliamentary elections this fall.

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    Go Regional

    A regional approach to the conflict between Israel and Palestine would ensure that all parties involved have the ability to make painful compromises and still achieve a viable agreement.

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    5 Minutes With Benjamin Netanyahu

    In considering Israel’s response to Iran’s nuclear ambitions, Prime Minister Netanyahu must set aside personal animus and consider the nature of Iranian politics and the character of the regime in Tehran.

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