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    Palestinian-Israeli Direct Talks: The Case for a Regional Approach

    While the conditions necessary for a Palestinian-Israeli settlement do not exist today and further negotiations between the two parties are unlikely to change the situation, a regional settlement is both possible and desirable for both sides.

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    How Arab Governments Resist the Trend to Democracy

    The current regimes in the Arab world are resisting democratic change because of firm security measures maintaining the status quo and ineffective, incapable, and insular opposition movements.

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    Don't Cut Off Lebanon's Aid

    Cutting aid to the Lebanese army is counter to U.S. interests and could result in a weakening of the Lebanese government and military, empower Hezbollah and strengthen Syrian and Iranian influence in Lebanon.

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    Nuclear Suppliers Group and the IAEA Additional Protocol

    Exempting Argentina and Brazil on new enrichment and reprocessing guidelines in the 46-member Nuclear Suppliers Group undermines the separate but important goal of establishing the IAEA Additional Protocol as the global standard on nonproliferation verification.

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    Attacking Iran: The Last Thing the U.S. Administration Wants to Do

    Aside from the improbability and imprudence of a U.S. attack on Iran, it would also be a major political misstep for the Obama administration.

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    Relative Calm Before a Stormy Lebanese Fall

    The impending release of the findings of the Special Tribunal for Lebanon and Hezbollah’s allegation of Israeli involvement in the 2005 assassination of Rafic Hariri threaten to ignite a political crisis and deepen sectarian fissures in Lebanon.

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    Obama's Briefing on Iran: It's About Pressure, Not Diplomacy

    When President Obama and his top national security staff briefed journalists this week on Washington's strategy toward Iran's nuclear program, he was making the case that the administration's approach for isolating Iran is working.

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    Leaving Iraq?

    After seven years, the United States is in the final stages of exiting Iraq. Only 50,000 U.S. troops will remain by the end of August, but the country is far from stable as political squabbling keeps the country gridlocked, the economy is in shambles and violence is once again rising.

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    The Arab State: Assisting or Obstructing Development?

    Although full democracy in the Arab world remains a distant goal, broader participation in the political process, with a marked effect on human development, can be achieved.

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    Turkey, a Silver Lining of the Crisis

    The crisis in the eurozone may prove a blessing in disguise for Turkey, given its strong economic performance over the past years, and could even revitalize Turkey’s prospects for membership in the European Union.

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