Middle East and North Africa

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    Building Cooperation in the Eastern Middle East

    A formal framework for communication and cooperation in the eastern Middle East could reduce the risks of conflict and encourage stability and economic development in this tense but critical location.

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    Saudi Arabia's Nuclear Ambitions

    With the cooperation of the United States and other advanced nuclear countries, Saudi Arabia's budding nuclear energy program would directly challenge Iran's aspirations for regional leadership in nuclear power.

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    Don't Blame Europe for Turkey's Moves Away From the West

    Fully engaging with and understanding Turkey is of critical importance for the United States, and blaming the European Union's continued reluctance to accept Turkey into its ranks oversimplifies the situation and could lead to unintended consequences.

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    Turkey's Other War

    While Turkey, led by Prime Minister Erdogan, pursues an activist foreign policy in the Middle East, troubles with an insurgent Kurdish minority threaten the stability of the AKP’s leadership.

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    The Chess Game Continues

    As the political stalemate in Iraq continues to drag on, the major parties and politicians continue to attempt to wrangle the greatest amount of power for themselves even as they continue to break constitutionally mandated deadlines.

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    Turkey’s Shifting Foreign Policy: What Next?

    The recent flotilla incident involving Turkey and Israel marked the culmination of a significant shift in Turkish foreign policy, one in which Turkey emerged as an assertive regional actor.

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    Preventing the Iranian Nuclear Crisis from Escalating

    It is unlikely that sanctions alone, regardless of their magnitude, will deter Iran's nuclear activities if Iran's principal aim is to become a "virtual" nuclear weapon state.

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    Rising Turkey in a Changing Middle East

    The balance of power in the Middle East is shifting, and Turkey's changing role and rising influence with other countries provides both a risk and an opportunity for Washington.

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    Are Palestinians Building a State?

    The international community’s understandable admiration for Palestinian Prime Minister Salam Fayyad and his efforts to rebuild the West Bank obscures a dangerous regression in democracy and human rights.

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    Obama and Abdullah—Reaffirming Strategic Ties

    Saudi Arabia plays a key role in many issues of critical interest to the United States—including terrorism, Iran’s nuclear ambitions, the Middle East peace process, and Afghanistan.

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