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    • Strategic Europe

    Afghanistan Will Not Make Europe a Defense Player

    Blaming NATO and the United States for the West’s failure in Afghanistan won’t help Europe establish a credible security and defense policy. Its continued absence leaves the EU’s citizens and neighborhoods vulnerable.

    • Strategic Europe

    The Hollowness of Global Britain

    Illusions about the UK’s special relationship with the United States and a supposedly painless Brexit have been shed. The inability of Boris Johnson’s government to face up to that makes it impossible to define a new role for Britain in the world.

    • Strategic Europe

    What Afghanistan Should Mean for Europe

    The fall of Afghanistan to the Taliban lays bare Europe’s lack of strategic foresight and dangerous dependence on the United States. The EU must address its shortcomings or risk losing the ability to defend its values and interests.

    • Strategic Europe

    The Europe Angela Merkel Leaves Behind

    Chancellor Merkel’s last official visit to the White House holds a special political significance. President Biden has placed human rights and rule of law at the top of his agenda, just as these values are under attack from within and outside Europe.

    • Commentary

    Unanswered Questions From Biden’s European Tour

    U.S. President Joe Biden left Europe escorted by a flurry of positive comments. And rightly so—his European visit was a success. But it has left Washington’s European partners with unanswered questions about how to reinvigorate the liberal democratic model.

    • Strategic Europe

    Judy Asks: Is NATO Ready for China?

    At the latest NATO summit, allies jointly identified China as a systemic challenge to alliance security. But diverging views on China’s challenge among the partners hinder a consensus on NATO action.

    • Strategic Europe

    The EU-U.S. Summit Is a Test for New Transatlantic Cooperation

    The Americans and Europeans have to reconcile their differences in dealing with authoritarian regimes. This is an immense challenge facing these democracies.

    • Research

    Russia’s Ambitious Military-Geostrategic Posture in the Mediterranean

    Russia’s steady development of military capabilities on the ground, in the air, and at sea has enhanced its overall military posture in the region. This experience, and lack of resistance from NATO, is likely to enhance Russia’s military posture and ambitions outside the Mediterranean.

    • Strategic Europe

    Joe Biden’s Europe Visit: Mending What Trump Broke

    At the NATO summit, President Biden will have to deal with Donald Trump’s pernicious legacy. The biggest challenges include Russia and Turkey, both of which have undermined the alliance solidarity.

    • Commentary

    How Biden and Erdogan Can End the Turkish-American Standoff

    Despite unpromising circumstances, Presidents Biden and Erdogan can begin to improve U.S.-Turkey relations by first addressing and resolving the issue of the S-400 missile defense system.

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