Eastern Europe and South Caucasus

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    War in Ukraine Exposes Food System Flaws

    Russia’s invasion of Ukraine is raising prices for food and energy supplies, which may trigger huge crises around the world. In an era of climate change and disruption, there is an urgent need for a systemic rethinking of how to address food production on the global scale.

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    Parallels Between the Russian Invasions of Chechnya and Ukraine

    There are striking parallels between the Russian invasion of Chechnya in 1994 and of Ukraine today. In both cases, the Russian leader believed that war would be over quickly, and even that many people would welcome them as liberators. In both cases, the Chechens and Ukrainians rallied and fought back.

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    Russia’s Wars in Chechnya Offer a Grim Warning of What Could Be in Ukraine

    While President Vladimir Putin expected little resistance in Ukraine, as was the case in Crimea in 2014, instead he is experiencing what Russia faced in its 1994 attempted invasion of Chechnya. In both cases, once Russian forces encountered political resistance, they had no plan B, leading to intense fighting.

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    Biden Expected to Recognize Armenian Genocide

    Thomas de Waal assesses the implications of U.S. President Joe Biden's decision to recognize that the World War I-era killing and deportation of Armenians by the Ottoman Empire was a genocide.

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    The Economics of the EU-Russia Relationship

    The crisis in Ukraine could affect economic ties between the European Union and Russia. At the same time, Brussels needs to rethink its energy relationship with Moscow.

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    Europe Is Completely Divided Over How to Respond to Russia

    Europe is divided over how to respond to Russia’s invasion of Crimea. The most powerful figure in the diplomatic tango is Germany’s Angela Merkel.

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    Ukraine’s Unrest

    It is difficult to see how the trust can be rebuilt between Ukraine’s Viktor Yanukovych and the people after recent violence against antigovernment protests.

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    Defense Tops the Agenda for EU Leaders

    At December’s European Council summit, European defense topped the agenda for EU leaders. One key issue under discussion was pooling and sharing of military capabilities.

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    How Did Ukraine Get Into a Tug of War Between Russia and the EU?

    Putin’s Eurasian Union would be a set of political and economic structures, similar to the EU, that Russia would dominate. But this vision comes with a price; Ukraine’s economy is in trouble, just as Russia is suffering from low economic growth.

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