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    The Blind Spots of the Green Energy Transition

    Decarbonization is key to delivering the energy transition, but it requires a massive increase in the mining and extraction of minerals like lithium, graphite, and cobalt. The countries that control these resources may be able to shape geopolitical power dynamics to their own advantage.

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    The Age of The Strongman Leader

    A trend in twenty-first century politics is the rise of populist and authoritarian leaders, including in so-called democratic countries. From reassurance to intimidation, the world's strongmen share many characteristics and tactics.

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    Chernobyl-Style Meltdown 'Not Possible' in Japan

    Given that the Japanese have one of the most advanced nuclear power programs in the world, there is bound to be a serious reevaluation of whether nuclear power programs around the world are capable of dealing with massive geological events like the earthquake that hit Japan.

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    Nuclear Plant Fears in Japan

    If nuclear plants damaged in Japan's recent earthquake cannot be cooled and their cores begin to melt, it could potentially cause one of the most serious nuclear accidents in history.

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    Kyrgyzstan: A Primer

    Public hostility toward the Kyrgyz government escalated over the past weeks, leading to the recent street protests and demonstrations that seem to have topped the government of President Bakiyev.

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    G20 Leaders to Tout Competing Ideas on Recovery

    China wants to look like a leader at the G20 summit by highlighting the extent of its stimulus package ($586 billion) as well as the relative health of its financial system.

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