European External Strategy Project

Carnegie Europe launched the European External Strategy Project in February 2014 to provide policymakers with concrete and practical recommendations for advancing a global foreign and security strategy for Europe.

Drawing on consultations with experts from around the world, a final publication, “A New Ambition for Europe: A Memo to the European Union Foreign Policy Chief,” proposes a new strategy for turning Europe into a more effective international actor.


While Europe has always been ambitious about its potential international role, in real terms the external dimension of the EU’s narrative has received inadequate attention in the wider EU context. The perception persists that EU member states have no interest in a more cohesive, European role on the global stage.

By continuing to command their own individualized and fragmented foreign policies, EU member states undermine Europe’s influence as a consistent and reliable foreign policy actor. Building Europe’s future demands a keen sense of strategy and foresight in global affairs that informs and directs future political action.

Carnegie’s European External Strategy Project addressed these challenges.


The project consisted of a series of six private workshops and a final conference.

The four members of the project steering group set the agenda of each workshop, identified key questions to be addressed, and co-authored a final publication outlining the key opportunities and challenges topping Europe’s foreign policy agenda.

The publication will be presented at a public event in Brussels on November 20, 2014.

About a New Ambition for Europe

Four experts assess the most pressing issues awaiting the new EU foreign policy chief and propose a new strategy for turning Europe into a more effective global actor.

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