• Research

    Reversing the Democratic Gaze

    Alongside its traditional external democracy support, the EU needs to begin drawing on lessons and influences from other countries to help address Europe’s own democracy problems.

  • Research

    Reassessing the European Strategy in Afghanistan

    The United States bears a great deal of the responsibility for the situation in Afghanistan, but the EU should also reflect on how its overly narrow conception of democracy contributed to the shortcomings of Afghan reconstruction efforts.

  • Research

    Can the EU Adapt to Cuba's New Wave of Democratic Activism?

    The EU should make the most of its economic leverage in Cuba to more deftly balance its engagement with the single-party regime with more outreach to an emerging wave of new civic activists pressing for change.

  • Commentary

    Reexamining Norms Diffusion: The EU, Democracy, and Rival Powers

    For many years, analysis on European foreign policies has centered on the notion of EU norms being diffused outwards. This dynamic is now facing greater resistance around the world and within Europe, as the EU's external policies become more equivocal. A new conceptual framework is required.

  • Research

    Green Democracy in Europe

    Numerous—sometimes competing—forms of democratic engagement have tried to answer the rallying cry for climate action. If harmonized, initiatives including depoliticized democracy, climate assemblies, and protest movements can bring Europe closer to green democracy.

  • Research

    Strengthening Democracy Support in Regimes With Dominant Parties

    The rise of dominant political parties contributes to the resurgence of authoritarianism and impedes democracy support. Paying greater attention to party support and talks, elections, and direct activism in countries such as Georgia, Mozambique, Nicaragua, and Zimbabwe will advance sound governance and democracy.

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