Contemporary Georgian society is divided over questions of politics, religion, and ethnic identity. If the country is to make progress in building a European state, careful analysis and frank discussion of the many social and political issues that polarize Georgians are essential.

The Future of Georgia project, run jointly by Carnegie Europe and the Levan Mikeladze Foundation and supported by the Government Offices of Sweden and the Finnish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, shines a light on these contentious issues and seeks to foster dialogue among diverse groups through publications and policy briefings, as well as public dialogue events across Georgia.

  • Event

    Can Georgia Overcome Its Political Divide?

    Dimitri Tsikitishvili will moderate a discussion on Georgia's political chasm featuring Jennifer McCoy, Thomas de Waal, and Archil Gegeshidze, authors of “Divided Georgia: A Hostage to Polarization.”

  • Research

    Divided Georgia: A Hostage to Polarization

    Georgia’s cultural clashes have exacerbated the country's political polarization. These divisions challenge the country’s democratic processes and relations with Western partners.

  • Research

    The Orthodox Church in Georgia’s Changing Society

    • Archil GegeshidzeMikheil Mirziashvili
    • July 23, 2021

    Georgia’s Orthodox Church was critical to the formation of the country’s identity and restoration of lost statehood in the 1990s. Today, Georgia must reconcile its conservative views with its ambitions for European integration.

  • Research

    Georgia’s Minorities: Breaking Down Barriers to Integration

    • Rusudan AmirejibiKakha Gabunia
    • June 09, 2021

    Ethno-nationalist tendencies dating back to the Soviet period have alienated Georgia’s ethnic minority groups. Integrating them into the country’s political, economic, and cultural life is essential for successful nation-building in Georgia.

  • Research

    Re-examining the Radicalizing Narratives of Georgia’s Conflicts

    • Natia ChankvetadzeKetevan Murusidze
    • May 12, 2021

    Divisive public discourse in Georgia about the conflicts in Abkhazia and South Ossetia has hurt broader peacebuilding prospects and obscured the issues faced by the communities in these territories.

  • Research

    Struggle and Sacrifice: Narratives of Georgia’s Modern History

    • Katie Sartania
    • April 27, 2021

    Georgians’ collective memory has been shaped by pride in their struggle for independence since 1989 and fear of existential threats. This narrative has overshadowed other domestic challenges and increased Georgia’s reliance on individual leaders.

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