Inside Turkey’s Elections

    • Op-Ed

    Turkey’s Delusions of Dominance

    Turkey’s leadership seems to be at the top of its game. But is this picture-perfect politics?

    • Strategic Europe

    Judy Asks: Is the EU Selling Out to Turkey?

    Every week, a selection of leading experts answer a new question from Judy Dempsey on the foreign and security policy challenges shaping Europe’s role in the world.

    • Strategic Europe

    Turkey and the EU: Old Routine and New Tensions

    From fighting the Islamic State to coping with Europe’s refugee crisis, the EU and Turkey now have even more daunting issues to deal with than in recent years.

    • Op-Ed

    What the AKP’s Resounding Victory Means for Turkey’s Foreign Policy

    Backed strongly by Turkey’s President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, the AKP won the November parliamentary election. This victory will have significant repercussions for Turkey’s foreign policy.

    • TV/Radio Broadcast

    Is a Stronger AKP Good for Turkey?

    The AKP’s resounding victory in Turkey’s November 1 election gives the future Turkish government a strong mandate and enough room to start tackling the country’s key issues.

    • TV/Radio Broadcast

    Erdoğan Strikes Back

    With the AKP’s victory in the Turkish parliamentary election, President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s ambitions for a presidential system of government seem increasingly concrete.

    • Op-Ed

    Erdoğan’s Second Chance

    The lesson from Turkey’s June and November elections is clear: the country’s voters want a strong, stable government, but not one that runs roughshod over its opponents.

    • TV/Radio Broadcast

    Turkey Goes to Polls

    On November 1, Turkish citizens head to the polls to cast their votes to choose the members of the Turkish Grand National Assembly for the second time in just five months.

    • Op-Ed

    The High Stakes of Turkey’s Election

    The prevailing degree of polarization is inimical to Turkey and its democracy. The November election provides an opportunity for the country to redress this environment of acrimony.

    • Q&A

    Turkey Votes, Again

    On November 1, Turkey will hold its second parliamentary election in just five months. As in the previous contest, the outcome is proving tricky to predict.

Carnegie Experts on
Inside Turkey’s Elections

  • expert thumbnail - Pierini
    Marc Pierini
    Visiting Scholar
    Carnegie Europe
    Pierini is a visiting scholar at Carnegie Europe, where his research focuses on developments in the Middle East and Turkey from a European perspective.
  • expert thumbnail - Ülgen
    Sinan Ülgen
    Visiting Scholar
    Carnegie Europe
    Ülgen is a visiting scholar at Carnegie Europe in Brussels, where his research focuses on Turkish foreign policy, nuclear policy, cyberpolicy, and transatlantic relations.

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