Carnegie Europe is on the ground at the 2018 NATO summit in Brussels, giving readers exclusive access to the high-level discussions as they unfold.

Judy Dempsey, Tomáš Valášek, and other experts offer insights on NATO’s reactions to the various challenges facing the alliance.

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Strategic Europe
Trump’s NATO
Judy Dempsey, Tomáš Valášek | July 12, 2018
The 2018 NATO summit was more than the United States haranguing and bad mouthing its Europeans allies. It was about an attempt to reorder the transatlantic relationship.


Strategic Europe
Standing Up for NATO
Judy Dempsey | July 12, 2018
President Trump’s hectoring of NATO and Germany could prove counterproductive—or the opposite.


The United States of Donald Trump
Judy Dempsey, Tomáš Valášek | July 11, 2018
The U.S. president has a very narrow view of American security policy—one that NATO does not necessarily fit into.


What Not to Expect in Helsinki
Judy Dempsey, Alexander Gabuev | July 11, 2018
The possibility of a grand bargain emerging from the Helsinki summit is low. The Russian president will not be making concessions to his U.S. counterpart.


Strategic Europe
The Secret of a Good NATO Summit
Dominik P. Jankowski | July 11, 2018
Military substance has proven to be more important than fiery speeches and digital rhetoric. Let’s see if this NATO summit will prove it.


Politico Europe
Will Trump Make NATO Obsolete?
Tomáš Valášek | July 11, 2018
U.S. President Donald Trump may undo any progress NATO leaders achieve at the 2018 NATO summit when he meets with Russian President Vladimir Putin in Helsinki.


Strategic Europe
Trump the Disrupter
Thomas Carothers | July 10, 2018
Donald Trump’s foreign policy is an extension of the harsh quality of American politics: combative, lonely, and winner-take-all.


Strategic Europe
NATO’s Relevance
Judy Dempsey | July 10, 2018
Whatever President Trump says and thinks about the relevance of NATO, so far the alliance has coped with crises and criticism.


Washington Post
Trump May Be Doing the EU and NATO a Big Favor
Judy Dempsey | July 9, 2018
Despite his own destructive tendencies, the U.S. President may well prove to be the catalyst NATO and the EU need. The two organizations are starting to confront the reality of a post-Atlantic era.