Brexit and UK Politics

  • EU Unity Beyond Brexit
    Federico Fabbrini
    August 22, 2017

    The UK’s decision to leave the EU offers an opportunity to restructure the union and restore unity among the remaining member states.

  • Toward a Post-Brexit Defense Partnership

    Lisa Aronsson, Frances G. BurwellTuesday, August 01, 2017

      Both London and Brussels have a strong interest in starting work now to forge a defense partnership for the time when Britain has left the European Union.

    • Brexit and the Decline of British Foreign Policy

      Denis MacShaneFriday, July 28, 2017

        When Britain leaves the European Union, the country will suffer its biggest loss of foreign policy influence in centuries.

      • When Brexit Meets Logic

        Peter KellnerMonday, July 17, 2017

        It is increasingly likely that Britain will either stay in the EU or reach a transitional arrangement very similar to full membership.

      • The Anglo-German Addiction to American Defense

        Daniel KeohaneThursday, July 06, 2017

        Germany and the UK are likely to remain dependent on U.S. defense, because the alternatives are currently too daunting for Berlin and London.

      • The Prime Minister Who May Survive

        Peter KellnerTuesday, June 20, 2017

        A combination of parliamentary arithmetic and efforts to unite the ruling Conservative Party will probably keep UK Prime Minister Theresa May in office—for now.

      • Judy Asks: Is Britain Lost?

        Judy DempseyWednesday, June 14, 2017

          A selection of experts answer a new question from Judy Dempsey on the foreign and security policy challenges shaping Europe’s role in the world.

        • France’s Rise and Britain’s Demise

          Judy DempseyMonday, June 12, 2017

            While Britain’s prime minister ushers in the decline of London’s influence in the world, France’s president seeks reforms that will reassert Paris’s role in the EU.

          • Britain’s Postelection Future

            Judy DempseyFriday, June 09, 2017

              A snap general election has turned into a political debacle for Britain and its leader, Prime Minister Theresa May.

            • Britain Adds to the West’s Disarray

              Judy DempseyTuesday, June 06, 2017

                What is happening in Britain under Prime Minister Theresa May and in the United States under President Donald Trump is weakening the West.

              • Much Ado About Brexit

                Peter KellnerTuesday, May 09, 2017

                  UK Prime Minister Theresa May’s accusation of election interference by EU officials takes the mutual hostility between London and Brussels to a new level.

                • Brexit and the Irish Question

                  Judy DempseyTuesday, May 02, 2017

                    Britain’s decision to leave the European Union could spur the unification of Ireland and the breakup of the United Kingdom.

                  • May’s Election Gamble

                    Peter KellnerWednesday, April 19, 2017

                      Opinion polls suggest that the ruling Conservatives will comfortably win the snap UK general election to be held on June 8—but political fortunes are increasingly unpredictable.

                    • Brexit Between The Rock and a Hard Place

                      Peter KellnerMonday, April 10, 2017

                        A recent row over the future status of Gibraltar is likely to provide the template for other issues in the coming negotiations on Britain’s withdrawal from the EU.

                      • A Europe of Clusters

                        Andrew A. MichtaFriday, March 31, 2017

                          The EU is on the threshold of a systemic adjustment comparable with that seen at the end of the Cold War. The process of reorganization is likely to be anything but orderly.

                        • Germany After Brexit

                          Judy DempseyThursday, March 30, 2017

                            Britain’s decision to withdraw from the European Union will have a profound effect on the bloc’s realignment, starting with Germany.

                          • Judy Asks: Is Brexit a Distraction From EU Foreign Policy?

                            Judy DempseyWednesday, March 29, 2017

                              A selection of experts answer a new question from Judy Dempsey on the foreign and security policy challenges shaping Europe’s role in the world.

                            • Peak Populism, Perhaps

                              Peter KellnerMonday, March 06, 2017

                                Since Donald Trump was elected U.S. president in November 2016, reality has gained ground in the battle against populism.

                              • May’s Myopic Gamble With Trump

                                Judy DempseyTuesday, February 21, 2017

                                  Britain’s prime minister is fast finding out that turning to the United States to mitigate the costs of leaving the European Union is not going according to plan.

                                • Brexit, a Game of Deal or No Deal

                                  Peter KellnerMonday, February 06, 2017

                                    One of the trickiest questions in the UK’s impending negotiations to leave the EU is whether London will be expected to pay a penalty for quitting the bloc.

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