• Turkey’s Profound Transformation Matters to Europe
    January 26, 2023

    Turkey has been undergoing important political, economic, and foreign policy shifts that impact its European partners. But with Turkish parliamentary and presidential elections approaching, what matters most is the kind of society voters want for themselves.

  • Europe Waits for German Leadership

    Judy DempseyTuesday, January 24, 2023

      Chancellor Scholz’s refusal to send Leopard tanks to Ukraine is antagonizing Germany’s allies and will negatively impact European integration. Berlin should seize this chance to shape history.

    • Nearly One Year In, How Does This War End?

      Kateryna PishchikovaThursday, January 12, 2023

        As Russia’s brutal attack continues, it is becoming increasingly clear that the war will have no winners. The West must do more to help Ukraine end the human suffering, attain a just peace, and preserve its sovereignty.

      • Germany Must Move Past the Crossroads

        Judy DempseyTuesday, January 10, 2023

          New Western commitments to deliver combat vehicles to Ukraine are putting Berlin on the spot. To prevent Russia from further destabilizing Europe, Germany must forge a special Europapolitik.

        • The War in Ukraine Highlights European Rifts

          Judy DempseyTuesday, December 20, 2022

            Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has exposed important differences in European visions of future security. If left to fester, these will deepen resentment between Europe’s East and West.*

          • After the Tirana Summit: No Big Bang in the Balkans

            Dimitar BechevThursday, December 15, 2022

              Bringing the Western Balkans into Brussels’ fold through extra money or more vigorous diplomacy has become a priority since Russia’s latest invasion of Ukraine. But the EU cannot deliver the holy grail: speedy membership.

            • Judy Asks: Are France and Germany Wavering on Russia?

              Judy DempseyThursday, December 08, 2022

                While Paris and Berlin continue to support Ukraine, their mixed signals toward Russia have unnerved some European partners as well as Kyiv. This ambivalence could puncture EU unity.

              • The Risks of Negotiating an End to the War in Ukraine

                Gwendolyn SasseTuesday, December 06, 2022

                  Only the combination of military assistance and reconstruction efforts now will one day put Ukraine in the position to decide if and when it wants to negotiate.

                • Understanding Turkey’s Geostrategic Posture

                  Marc PieriniThursday, November 17, 2022

                    In the run-up to the 2023 elections, Turkey’s foreign policy will be shaped by domestic politics. To stand a chance of winning, the opposition must unite and put forward a cohesive electoral program.

                  • Germany’s Continued Illusions About China and Russia

                    Judy DempseyThursday, October 20, 2022

                      Berlin’s pursuit of economic and political ties with Beijing and Moscow has created dangerous dependencies. A change in strategy would benefit both Germany and the EU.

                    • Ukraine Exposes Europe’s Competing Narratives About Russia

                      Judy DempseyTuesday, October 04, 2022

                        Russia’s brutal war in Ukraine has exposed European countries’ diverging views of Moscow. These fissures will affect the EU’s policies toward Ukraine and Russia.

                      • Judy Asks: Can Putin Be Stopped?

                        Judy DempseyThursday, September 29, 2022

                          The decision to mobilize reservists and the ensuing domestic unrest points to Putin’s weakness. Western sanctions and military support for Ukraine are key to preventing a Russian victory.

                        • More Storm Clouds Gather Over Armenia, Azerbaijan

                          Thomas de WaalThursday, September 22, 2022

                            Azerbaijan’s military action in Armenia has gravely damaged chances of a settlement. EU-mediated negotiations, the only viable peace talks, need greater international support.

                          • Why Ukraine Must Win

                            Judy DempseyTuesday, September 20, 2022

                              A Russian victory against Ukraine would be devastating for Europe’s security and stability. European governments have no excuse for not realizing what is at stake.

                            • Russia’s War in Ukraine: A Turning Point?

                              Gwendolyn SasseTuesday, September 13, 2022

                                Ukraine’s recent gains highlight the unpredictability of Russia’s war. The main challenge for Western governments, NATO, and the EU is to act in unison while adjusting to the evolving military dynamics.

                              • European Unity Can Endure the Winter of Discontent

                                Rosa BalfourThursday, September 08, 2022

                                  The coming winter promises to be dark and difficult. But doomsters may be proven wrong in anticipating that the war effort in Ukraine’s support will divide the EU.

                                • Gorbachev’s Legacies

                                  Judy DempseyTuesday, September 06, 2022

                                    Albeit unwittingly, the Soviet Union’s last president paved the way for complex democratic transformations across Eastern Europe. The values these countries fought for must now be protected within the EU itself.

                                  • Judy Asks: Is NATO Doing Anything for Ukraine?

                                    Judy DempseyThursday, September 01, 2022

                                      Most Western assistance to Ukraine, including weapons and training, has come from individual NATO member states. But without the alliance, this support would be less coordinated and not as substantial.

                                    • Understanding the Erdoğan-Putin Duet

                                      Marc PieriniTuesday, August 30, 2022

                                        Both Moscow and Ankara are benefiting from Turkey’s mediating role since Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. Strategically, however, Putin has the upper hand.

                                      • Europe Heads Into a Rocky Autumn

                                        Judy DempseyTuesday, August 23, 2022

                                          Amid soaring energy prices, Russia’s continued war in Ukraine, and tensions over Taiwan, the EU will have no respite. The bloc mustn’t let internal crises distract from strategically dealing with external challenges.

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