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  • Turkey Tests the EU’s Resolve in the Eastern Mediterranean

    Turkey’s leadership is fueling a dangerous maritime dispute with Greece and Cyprus in the Eastern Mediterranean. The EU must pursue dialogue while resisting Ankara’s attempts to bully its way forward.

  • Brexit After May

    As the race to succeed Theresa May as UK prime minister heats up, Brits must make a number of pivotal decisions that will have major consequences for the country’s future.

  • Brexit: Promising the Impossible

    Brexiteers want to conclude a deal—almost any deal—to leave the EU. Their fear is that if the negotiations drag on, Brexit may not happen. 

  • Letter From Pretoria

    • John Kotsopoulos, Camilla Adelle
    • Friday, May 26, 2017

    South Africa is experiencing a period of political and economic turmoil that has consequences for the country’s previously firm relationship with the European Union.

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