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1951 to 1960 of about 1965

  • A President’s Greed

    It is important that the EU understands that Yanukovych’s real motivation is advancing his own position and that of his family, not reform.

  • Taking on Somalia's Pirates, on Land

    Europe's decision to pursue pirates on land is no substitute for a long term strategy for the Horn of Africa.

  • Judy Asks: Will the Euro Crisis Lead to Political Union?

    Every week leading experts answer a new question from Judy Dempsey on the international challenges shaping Europe’s role in the world.

  • A Difficult Task for Ashton

    Catherine Ashton faces a daunting task in leading the P5+ 1 in talks with Iran on its nuclear program.

  • Why Turkey Needs Britain Inside the EU

    Among EU members, Britain is its most loyal ally. The problem is that Britain, to its own detriment, has lost its influence in Brussels.

  • Talking to Tsakhiagiin Elbegdorj

    With its functioning multi-party democracy and significant mineral deposits Mongolia has become strategically important, but the country's president knows he has to improve the country's poor reputation when it comes to corruption.

  • Poland Needs a More Active Germany

    Germany still needs to realize that a coordinated approach with Poland on EU foreign and defense policy would also serve its own interests.

  • Time to Bury Nabucco

    The energy landscape in Europe and the United States has fundamentally changed since the Nabucco gas pipeline was first proposed and it is time for the EU to ditch Nabucco.

  • How to Deal with Belarus?

    With sanctions allowing Russia to increase its influence in Belarus, the EU may need to adopt a more sophisticated, step-by-step approach to this small European country.

  • Sarkozy and Schengen

    As globalization marches on and Europe grows dependent on bringing in young, mobile, and educated people, the EU’s strategy should be focused on making Schengen more flexible.

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