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  • Judy Asks: Do the Europeans Trust France?

    President Macron’s diplomatic overtures to end the Ukraine-Russia crisis won him cautious praise but also drew criticism. While some EU member states are skeptical of Paris, the alternatives to French leadership are few.

  • Europe is Struggling, Thirty Years After the Maastricht Treaty

    Three decades after Maastricht, the EU remains a work in progress. While the political constellation in 2022 seems favorable to reforms in several policy areas, the union could easily once again be thrown into crisis mode.

  • The Competition for Memory in Putin’s Russia

    • Maria Domańska
    • Thursday, February 3, 2022

    The Russian regime is weaponizing history for political goals. Yet it does not have the monopoly on interpreting the past: grassroots’ demands for alternative memory offer hope for the future.

  • What Ukraine Reveals About NATO and the EU

    Russia’s military buildup along Ukraine’s border has prompted a coherent response from NATO and exposed the disunity of the EU. Without a clear policy toward its eastern neighbors and Moscow, the union cannot meet today’s geopolitical challenges.

  • Judy Asks: Is Germany Damaging Europe’s Position on Ukraine?

    Germany’s refusal to provide military assistance to Ukraine has baffled many of its European and NATO allies. If Berlin does not adopt a bolder, unambiguous stance toward Russia, it will undermine the West’s deterrence efforts.

  • The Russia-NATO Crisis Tests Turkey’s Balancing Policy

    Ankara’s drone sales to Kiev have angered Moscow. A military escalation in and around Ukraine would endanger Turkey’s relationship with Russia, impair its participation in NATO operations, or both.

  • Third Time Lucky for Armenia and Turkey?

    For the third time in three decades, Ankara and Yerevan are trying to normalize relations. In a region plagued by rivalry, distrust, and historical grievances, this will be no easy feat.

  • China’s Bullying of Lithuania Spurs European Unity

    Beijing has gone to great lengths to punish Lithuania for opening a Taiwanese representative office. In the long run, China’s tactics may end up making the EU stronger and more resilient.

  • Judy Asks: Can Diplomacy Rescue European Security?

    Faced with Russia’s military threat against Ukraine and demands for NATO to stop further expansion, the West wants a dialogue with Moscow. Diplomatic efforts that are not underpinned by hard power may not be enough to avert a war.

  • Kazakhstan: Secrets, Lies, and Foreign Troops

    • Luca Anceschi
    • Tuesday, January 11, 2022

    A rift in Kazakhstan’s elite has violently played out in the streets of the country. Foreign troop support may have kept President Tokayev in power, but it has also linked his political future to Vladimir Putin.

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