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  • Strategic Europe

    Russia’s Lesser-Known Intentions in Ukraine

    One of Russia’s aims in Ukraine is gaining access to vital resources the EU needs to deliver on its climate change agenda. The use of force and instrumentalization of war are central to Moscow’s strategy.

  • Strategic Europe

    German Ambiguity Is Deciding Ukraine’s Future

    Chancellor Scholz’s delay in sending heavy weapons to Ukraine is hurting Kyiv’s chances of preserving its sovereignty. It is also damaging Germany’s standing across Europe.

  • Multimedia

    Climate Change and Conflict Dynamics: Bringing Nature to the Negotiation Table

    • Olivia Lazard
    • May 30, 2022
    • Canadian International Institute of Applied Negotiation

    Peacebuilding and security development processes have failed to address environmental issues. The interrelationships between conflict and climate change should now play an increasingly important role in peace negotiations.

  • Strategic Europe

    Boris Johnson’s Threat to Britain

    Johnson’s reputation may be close to stellar outside of Britain. But back home, integrity, decency, and stability in Northern Ireland are being replaced by vested interests and short-term gains aimed at securing political survival.

  • Strategic Europe

    The Franco-German Tandem Needs a Reboot

    Putin’s war in Ukraine has shattered Germany’s illusions about bringing Russia closer to Europe. A change in Berlin’s approach to Moscow would benefit Franco-German ties and the entire EU.

  • Strategic Europe

    A Fragile Stability in Moldova

    Precariously located at the edge of the war in Ukraine, Moldova is thus far coping with Russian security threats. But the conflict’s socioeconomic fallout poses real dangers.

  • Strategic Europe

    Made in Ukraine: The EU’s Emerging Real(ist) Power

    As Russia continues its war in Ukraine, the EU’s security and defense policies are undergoing major shifts. Brussels may finally be getting real(ist) about hard power.

  • Multimedia

    War in Ukraine Exposes Food System Flaws

    Russia’s invasion of Ukraine is raising prices for food and energy supplies, which may trigger huge crises around the world. In an era of climate change and disruption, there is an urgent need for a systemic rethinking of how to address food production on the global scale.

  • Strategic Europe

    Macron 2.0 and Europe: A Bumpy Ride Ahead

    Geopolitical realities have changed considerably since 2017, when Macron was first elected. In his second term as president, the Russo-Ukrainian war will inform French—and European—thinking.

    • April 29, 2022
    • On The Green Fence
    Olivia Lazard
    War in Ukraine Exposes Food System Flaws
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    • January 04, 2022
    • France24
    Sinan Ülgen
    Erdogan’s Gamble: What’s Behind Turkey’s Soaring Inflation?
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    • March 29, 2021
    • Bloomberg
    Rosa Balfour
    Merkel Threatens Federal Control Over Germany’s Pandemic Fight
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