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  • Strategic Europe

    Third Time Lucky for Armenia and Turkey?

    For the third time in three decades, Ankara and Yerevan are trying to normalize relations. In a region plagued by rivalry, distrust, and historical grievances, this will be no easy feat.

  • Strategic Europe

    China’s Bullying of Lithuania Spurs European Unity

    Beijing has gone to great lengths to punish Lithuania for opening a Taiwanese representative office. In the long run, China’s tactics may end up making the EU stronger and more resilient.

  • Strategic Europe

    Kazakhstan: Secrets, Lies, and Foreign Troops

    A rift in Kazakhstan’s elite has violently played out in the streets of the country. Foreign troop support may have kept President Tokayev in power, but it has also linked his political future to Vladimir Putin.

  • Strategic Europe

    Europe and the United States Play Into Putin’s Hands

    Transatlantic disunity and a lack of strategy over how to deal with Russia’s ultimatum is placing Europe’s security architecture at risk. The West has no choice but to put up a strong united front.

  • Commentary

    The EU Continues to Sanction Belarus. Some Belarusians Approve.

    Since October 2020, the European Union has gradually extended its sanctions against Belarus. Aimed to change the calculations and dynamics within the ruling elite, sanctions are now perceived as less important by the Belarusian people given the authoritarian regime's consolidation of power.

  • Multimedia

    Erdogan’s Gamble: What’s Behind Turkey’s Soaring Inflation?

    Despite soaring inflation rates and dwindling currency reserves, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan remains committed to the Turkish Growth Model. Beyond monetary policy, Turkish foreign policy is being recalibrated to account for the country’s political, business, and economic interests.

  • Commentary

    What Happens When Climate Action Fails?

    The EU has a major role to play in accelerating climate action both at home and abroad. If it fails, the bloc will succumb to supply chain breakdowns and migratory pressures. To avoid this, the EU must advance climate justice and restore trust between developed and developing countries.

  • Strategic Europe

    Serbia: A Testament to People Power

    The fate of Serbia’s democracy is in the hands of its citizens. If the country is to move toward democratic accountability, it will be through bottom-up action, not the EU’s membership conditionality.

  • Event

    How the EU Can Become a Global Defense Actor

    The geopolitical pressures of Brexit, an unstable transatlantic partnership, dwindling member states’ defense budgets, and global competition in high technology areas have prompted European institutions to consolidate the union’s cooperation on defense industry and technology.

    • January 04, 2022
    • France24
    Sinan Ülgen
    Erdogan’s Gamble: What’s Behind Turkey’s Soaring Inflation?
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    • March 29, 2021
    • Bloomberg
    Rosa Balfour
    Merkel Threatens Federal Control Over Germany’s Pandemic Fight
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    • July 17, 2020
    • NPR
    Cornelius Adebahr
    EU Leaders Meet To Discuss Economic Impact Of COVID-19
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