EU Integration and Enlargement

  • Strategic Europe

    The Franco-German Partnership: Not Yet the Final Straw

    Recent tensions between Paris and Berlin have led some to question the partnership’s purpose and relevance. But a track record of overcoming differences suggests relations can be revived.

  • Event

    Temperature Check: The State of German and European Foreign Policy

    Russia’s war on Ukraine has driven European states to reimagine the continent's security architecture. Several have taken concrete steps to reorient their foreign policies, including Germany, which notably chose to increase its defense spending and send weapons to Ukraine in March.

  • Commentary

    Could the EPC Hold Europe Together in the Face of Russian Threat?

    The European Political Community aims to draw EU’s neighbors into its orbit while leaving enough room to accelerate European integration. Doubts remain over the new platform’s ability to overcome the harsh political realities that sunk similar initiatives over the years.

  • Research

    The EU and the Creative and Destructive Impact of Crises

    Crises have proven to be a necessary driver for the development of European integration, but they haven’t always led to a strengthened union. While the consequence of each challenge must be analyzed on a case-by-case basis, the element of solidarity among EU member states is crucial.

  • Commentary

    Democratic Quality of States is Diminishing

    • October 12, 2022
    • Civil Georgia

    The democratic quality of states, including those in the West, have been declining as of late. More effective diplomatic engagement and political support from the international community may help where governments enforce restrictions on civil society.

  • Commentary

    Erdogan’s Relationship With Putin is Part of His Game

    Turkey’s positioning as the antithesis of European values, as well as its relationship with Russia, should raise questions about Ankara’s presence in the proposed European Political Community. The EU must not abandon its own principles and convictions in the name of realpolitik.

  • Multimedia

    Bulgaria’s Elections: A Shift Away From the West and Toward the Kremlin?

    Political and economic turmoil in Sofia has resulted in the fourth election in just 18 months. Should former Prime Minister Boyko Borissov return to power, the new government is unlikely to take a tough stance against Russia.

  • Commentary

    A Democratic Roadmap for Ukraine

    International support for Ukraine thus far has focused on immediate priorities. While supplying weapons, sanctioning Russia, and adjusting energy prices are of great importance, a longer-term vision is also needed to ensure a better future for Ukraine.

  • Strategic Europe

    Why Ukraine Must Win

    A Russian victory against Ukraine would be devastating for Europe’s security and stability. European governments have no excuse for not realizing what is at stake.

    • October 03, 2022
    • Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty
    Dimitar Bechev
    Bulgaria’s Elections: A Shift Away From the West and Toward the Kremlin?
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    • July 17, 2020
    • NPR
    Cornelius Adebahr
    EU Leaders Meet To Discuss Economic Impact Of COVID-19
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    • March 29, 2017
    • Euronews
    Stefan Lehne
    Brexit Talks Set to Be Complex and Messy
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