EU Integration and Enlargement

  • Research

    The Role of National Parliaments in EU Defense

    The EU’s pursuit of a single European defense market necessitates stronger democratic oversight. Members of the European Parliament and national legislative bodies should play a more proactive role as watchdog and engage in strategic foresight and planning.

  • Strategic Europe

    Europe Needs a New Reckoning on Security and Democracy

    Differing threat perceptions in Western and Central Europe combined with democratic backsliding risk creating dangerous fractures within the EU. Building a shared understanding of today’s security challenges must go hand in hand with strengthening democracy in the bloc.

  • Strategic Europe

    Serbia: A Testament to People Power

    The fate of Serbia’s democracy is in the hands of its citizens. If the country is to move toward democratic accountability, it will be through bottom-up action, not the EU’s membership conditionality.

  • Strategic Europe

    Judy Asks: Is the EU Politically Committed to Its Eastern Partners?

    The EU’s Eastern Partnership has brought tangible benefits to its member countries but does not reflect today’s geopolitical realities. The approaching summit is a chance to tailor the initiative to partners’ diverging needs.

  • Research

    The EU’s Defense Ambitions: Understanding the Emergence of a European Defense Technological and Industrial Complex

    In Europe, security and defense cooperation have long been the realm of member states and other security organizations like NATO. But recent efforts at the EU level have begun to create a European defense sector—which presents unique challenges and opportunities.

  • Strategic Europe

    The EU Should Stand Firm on Turkey

    To avoid an open rule-of-law dialogue with the EU, Turkey is being selective in its areas of engagement with the bloc. The union must make clear that compartmentalizing EU-Turkey relations to suit Ankara’s domestic political convenience is not acceptable.

  • Strategic Europe

    The EU’s Humiliating Failure in Bosnia

    The EU has long been the dominant player in Bosnia and Herzegovina, however its policy toward the country and the Western Balkans more broadly is failing. A recent vote in the UN Security Council has destroyed what was left of the union’s credibility.

  • Strategic Europe

    Why Northern Ireland Matters for Europe

    Because of Brexit, a peace accord that ended decades of conflict in Northern Ireland is hanging by a thread. The stability of this part of Europe depends on the EU and Britain finding a compromise.

  • Commentary

    Poland Tests the EU’s Future

    After Poland’s legal challenge, the European Union is struggling to maintain its integration project. The EU needs to assert its legal authority over Poland and other member states that challenge the rule of law and the EU’s treaty itself.

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