Brexit and UK Politics

  • Strategic Europe

    Boris Johnson’s Threat to Britain

    Johnson’s reputation may be close to stellar outside of Britain. But back home, integrity, decency, and stability in Northern Ireland are being replaced by vested interests and short-term gains aimed at securing political survival.

  • Multimedia

    What Do the UK Local Election Results Mean?

    Age and education have largely determined British votes in the recent local elections. Looking at the big parties’ race, the main question is whether past trends will hold in the run-up to the general election.

  • Commentary

    From Glasgow to Worthing: The Public’s Mood in the UK

    The Conservative and Labour parties continue their face-off ahead of the midterm elections in the UK. The resulting outcome of seven councils will reveal the strengths and weaknesses of these two parties, as well as who is likely to win the next general election.

  • Strategic Europe

    The Other Britain Waiting to Surface

    Boris Johnson ignores the old truth that blaming scapegoats is one way to a run a campaign but no way to run a country. While this lasts, the flame of rational, outward-looking patriotism must be kept alight by Britain’s civil society.

  • Strategic Europe

    Why Northern Ireland Matters for Europe

    Because of Brexit, a peace accord that ended decades of conflict in Northern Ireland is hanging by a thread. The stability of this part of Europe depends on the EU and Britain finding a compromise.

  • Strategic Europe

    The Hollowness of Global Britain

    Illusions about the UK’s special relationship with the United States and a supposedly painless Brexit have been shed. The inability of Boris Johnson’s government to face up to that makes it impossible to define a new role for Britain in the world.

  • Strategic Europe

    The Price of Britain’s Megaphone Diplomacy With the EU

    The coming months may well see more bitterness and friction in UK-EU relations. These tensions threaten to unravel the fragile 1998 Good Friday Agreement, which has largely kept violence at bay in Northern Ireland.

  • Strategic Europe

    Britain’s Post-Brexit Ambitions Will Be Modest, Not Global

    Brexit Britain is discovering that its influence and ability to tackle global challenges have diminished. As reality sinks in, it could change the way Britain thinks and acts—very possibly for the better.

  • Strategic Europe

    The UK and the EU Are Dancing for a Relationship

    The loud boasts of defiance by the British government toward the EU have given way to the quieter language of negotiation. The outcome will determine just how much post-Brexit sovereignty London will have.

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    What Do the UK Local Election Results Mean?
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    EU’s Brexit Guideline Sets One Voice for Trade
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    Brexit Talks Set to Be Complex and Messy
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