Europe’s Eastern Neighborhood

  • Strategic Europe

    Why the EU Must Open Its Doors to Ukraine

    Granting Ukraine EU candidate status would send an important signal to its government and citizens. But this must go hand in hand with weapons supplies and support for the country’s reconstruction.

  • Strategic Europe

    Putin is Banking on Europe’s Divisions Over Russia

    The parliamentary election setback for President Macron and bickering inside the German and Italian coalitions play into Moscow’s hands. If EU member states falter over Ukraine, European security will be jeopardized.

  • Strategic Europe

    Judy Asks: Will Distrust Among EU Leaders Fail Ukraine?

    EU member states have no shared vision of how to deal with Russia as it continues its attack on Ukraine. Rushing to end the war at all costs could have devastating consequences for Kyiv and Europe.

  • Strategic Europe

    Russia’s Lesser-Known Intentions in Ukraine

    One of Russia’s aims in Ukraine is gaining access to vital resources the EU needs to deliver on its climate change agenda. The use of force and instrumentalization of war are central to Moscow’s strategy.

  • Research

    Supporting Democracy After the Invasion of Ukraine

    • Richard Youngs, Ken Godfrey, Nic Cheeseman, Christian Leffler, Julia Leininger, Staffan I. Lindberg, Michael Meyer-Resende, Victoria Perotti, Anthony Smith
    • June 14, 2022

    The Russian invasion of Ukraine has dramatically altered the security and defense architecture of Europe. It also has the potential to reshape democracy support policies, changing practices of defending and extending democratic values and of interactions with autocratic states.

  • Commentary

    Europe Must Not Allow the Momentum for Expansion to Slip

    The war in Ukraine has given impetus to a new round of EU enlargement. Concerns about corruption, stagnation, and democratic backsliding tendencies may hamper the union's response but engagement with Ukraine, Moldova, and Georgia must be sustained.

  • Strategic Europe

    Georgia, Europe’s Problem Child

    Political wrangling and polarization continue to erode democracy in Georgia. But Tbilisi’s bid for EU membership gives Brussels leverage to help get the country back on track.

  • Strategic Europe

    NATO and the EU Need a Strategy for Eastern Europe

    Recent moves by Denmark, Finland, and Sweden are strengthening European security. But Russia’s aggression against Ukraine must fundamentally change how NATO and the EU approach their Eastern neighbors.

  • Commentary

    Brussels Takes the Initiative in Armenia-Azerbaijan Negotiations

    Peace talks involving Armenia and Azerbaijan appear to be proceeding favorably with the mediation of the European Union. In spite of this breakthrough, questions remain regarding the role of Russia and the OSCE Minsk Group, as well as for the Armenians of Nagorny Karabakh.

    • April 29, 2022
    • On The Green Fence
    Olivia Lazard
    War in Ukraine Exposes Food System Flaws
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    • March 15, 2022
    • MSNBC
    Thomas de Waal
    Parallels Between the Russian Invasions of Chechnya and Ukraine
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    • March 15, 2022
    • NPR
    Thomas de Waal
    Russia’s Wars in Chechnya Offer a Grim Warning of What Could Be in Ukraine
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