Europe’s Eastern Neighborhood

  • Strategic Europe

    More Storm Clouds Gather Over Armenia, Azerbaijan

    Azerbaijan’s military action in Armenia has gravely damaged chances of a settlement. EU-mediated negotiations, the only viable peace talks, need greater international support.

  • Strategic Europe

    Why Ukraine Must Win

    A Russian victory against Ukraine would be devastating for Europe’s security and stability. European governments have no excuse for not realizing what is at stake.

  • Strategic Europe

    Russia’s War in Ukraine: A Turning Point?

    Ukraine’s recent gains highlight the unpredictability of Russia’s war. The main challenge for Western governments, NATO, and the EU is to act in unison while adjusting to the evolving military dynamics.

  • Strategic Europe

    European Unity Can Endure the Winter of Discontent

    The coming winter promises to be dark and difficult. But doomsters may be proven wrong in anticipating that the war effort in Ukraine’s support will divide the EU.

  • Strategic Europe

    Judy Asks: Is NATO Doing Anything for Ukraine?

    Most Western assistance to Ukraine, including weapons and training, has come from individual NATO member states. But without the alliance, this support would be less coordinated and not as substantial.

  • Strategic Europe

    Europe Heads Into a Rocky Autumn

    Amid soaring energy prices, Russia’s continued war in Ukraine, and tensions over Taiwan, the EU will have no respite. The bloc mustn’t let internal crises distract from strategically dealing with external challenges.

  • Commentary

    Transnational Links and Political Attitudes: Young People in Russia

    Personal experiences of travel, migration, and remittances play a role in young Russians’ domestic and foreign policy preferences, trust in political institutions and perceptions of the legitimacy of protest.

  • Strategic Europe

    Europe’s Continued Commitment to Ukraine Hinges on Germany

    The EU’s unity on Ukraine could unravel as energy prices soar and Germany continues to buy Russian gas. Berlin’s strategic and leadership is urgently needed.*

  • Strategic Europe

    What Are You Reading?

    It’s that time of the year! Dip into the final batch of summer recommendations from Carnegie Europe’s scholars, friends, and colleagues. We hope you enjoy them and discover some real gems.

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    Russia’s Wars in Chechnya Offer a Grim Warning of What Could Be in Ukraine
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