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  • Research

    Kenya’s Watershed Election: Implications for EU Policy

    Kenya’s electoral process and democratic progress offer lessons for other countries in the Horn of Africa. However, further reforms are needed to strengthen the judiciary, enhance women’s political representation, and support civic spaces.

  • Strategic Europe

    The (Sorry) State of EU Defense Cooperation

    The need to militarily assist Ukraine is another incentive for better coordinating defense investment at European level. The EU’s initiatives will only deliver if member states are guided by shared considerations.

  • Commentary

    For Bulgaria, Borissov’s Comeback Is No Path to Stability

    Bulgaria's general election should have identified whether voters were willing tolerate state capture and corruption. The return of Boyko Borissov demonstrates the resilience of the status quo, which relies on a shaky coalition that includes kleptocrats, oligarchs, opportunists and far-right populists.

  • Commentary

    Erdogan’s Relationship With Putin is Part of His Game

    Turkey’s positioning as the antithesis of European values, as well as its relationship with Russia, should raise questions about Ankara’s presence in the proposed European Political Community. The EU must not abandon its own principles and convictions in the name of realpolitik.

  • Multimedia

    The EU’s Dependency on China

    While China has charged ahead in developing a global strategy for the energy transition, which utilizes both its foreign and security policies, the EU is trying to compete through next-generation technology.

  • Commentary

    A Democratic Roadmap for Ukraine

    International support for Ukraine thus far has focused on immediate priorities. While supplying weapons, sanctioning Russia, and adjusting energy prices are of great importance, a longer-term vision is also needed to ensure a better future for Ukraine.

  • Multimedia

    EU Debates Whether to Take in Those Fleeing Russia

    After President Vladimir Putin announced a "partial" military mobilization of Russian reservists for his war in Ukraine, many people are fleeing the country. The EU seems unable to resolve internal divisions over open borders, mainly due to opposition from former Soviet countries.

  • Strategic Europe

    More Storm Clouds Gather Over Armenia, Azerbaijan

    Azerbaijan’s military action in Armenia has gravely damaged chances of a settlement. EU-mediated negotiations, the only viable peace talks, need greater international support.

  • Commentary

    A Meloni-Led Government Need Not Spell Disaster for Italy’s Institutions

    The likely electoral victory of a right-wing coalition in Italy raises fears in Europe, especially for the country’s democratic resilience. Although democracy will remain intact, economic stability and civil rights could still be undermined.

    • September 29, 2022
    • BBC
    Olivia Lazard
    The EU’s Dependency on China
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    • September 27, 2022
    • NPR
    Judy Dempsey
    EU Debates Whether to Take in Those Fleeing Russia
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    • September 13, 2022
    • BBC World Service
    Thomas de Waal
    Renewed Clashes Between Armenia and Azerbaijan
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