Europe’s Security and Defense


    • TV/Radio Broadcast

    World in Crisis: Where Is Obama?

    After U.S. President Barack Obama’s speech on dealing with the Islamic State, questions remain on whether he will live up to expectations and lead the West out of international security threats.

    • Strategic Europe

    NATO Isn’t Going Anywhere

    Last week’s NATO summit in Wales tried to be optimistic about the alliance’s future. But there is still no strategy for dealing with the Ukraine crisis or the Islamic State.

    • Strategic Europe

    Three Questions on NATO

    As NATO’s much-anticipated summit in Wales continues, Carnegie Europe has asked a selection of experts three questions on the major developments to emerge from the meeting.

    • Strategic Europe

    The West’s Repeated Mistakes Over Eastern Europe

    The West and Russia are tacitly agreeing to a new cordon sanitaire of countries in Eastern Europe. The region’s civil society will not accept that.

    • Strategic Europe

    Which Leader Had a Successful NATO Summit?

    As NATO’s summit in Wales draws to a close, some presidents and prime ministers have achieved what they wanted, while others will go home disappointed.

    • Event

    Carnegie Europe Live From the NATO Summit in Wales

    Carnegie Europe was on the ground at the NATO summit in Wales on September 4–5, giving our readers exclusive access to the high-level discussions as they unfold.

    • Strategic Europe

    NATO’s Summit Between Strategy and Tragedy

    This week’s NATO summit in Wales has confirmed that the only safe border in Europe is the one protected by the alliance’s Article 5 mutual-defense clause.

    • Strategic Europe

    How NATO Speaks to the Public

    If NATO wants its member states to spend more on defense and security, it needs to reach out to the public to explain why defense matters.

    • Strategic Europe

    How NATO Reinvented Itself in Less Than Six Months

    As NATO leaders gather for their most important summit in years, they are set to make two major decisions that will radically transform the alliance’s outlook.

    • Strategic Europe

    NATO’s Reaction to Its Two Threats

    The lack of a shared threat perception among NATO allies has often hampered the organization’s ability to act decisively. Will Russia and the Islamic State change that?

Carnegie Experts on
Europe’s Security and Defense

  • expert thumbnail - Dempsey
    Judy Dempsey
    Nonresident Senior Fellow
    Carnegie Europe
    Editor in chief
    Strategic Europe
    Dempsey is a nonresident senior fellow at Carnegie Europe and editor in chief of Strategic Europe.
  • expert thumbnail - Marcuzzi
    Stefano Marcuzzi
    Visiting researcher
    Carnegie Europe
    Marcuzzi is a visiting researcher at Carnegie Europe, where he focuses on EU-NATO cooperation, in particular on the Mediterranean and Libya.
  • expert thumbnail - Ülgen
    Sinan Ülgen
    Visiting Scholar
    Carnegie Europe
    Ülgen is a visiting scholar at Carnegie Europe in Brussels, where his research focuses on Turkish foreign policy, nuclear policy, cyberpolicy, and transatlantic relations.
  • expert thumbnail - Valášek
    Tomáš Valášek
    Carnegie Europe
    Valášek is the director of Carnegie Europe, where his research focuses on security and defense, transatlantic relations, and Europe’s Eastern neighborhood.
  • expert thumbnail - Vimont
    Pierre Vimont
    Senior Fellow
    Carnegie Europe
    Vimont is a senior fellow at Carnegie Europe. His research focuses on the European Neighborhood Policy, transatlantic relations, and French foreign policy.

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