EU Integration


    • Op-Ed

    Europe Needs to Show Britain the Door

    It is time for Britain to leave the European Union—with or without a deal. The EU, freed from British ambivalence, would force European leaders to decide their own destiny.

    • Op-Ed

    Failed Deal Spells Uncertainty for Brexit and May’s Long-term Survival

    The recent Brexit developments plunge UK politics into crisis. While there’s a clear majority against the government’s plans, there’s no evident majority in favor of a specific alternative.

    • Strategic Europe

    Brexit Showdown

    The chances of Britain crashing out of the EU without a deal have risen a little, the chances of a fresh referendum have risen a lot, and the chances of any kind of compromise have fallen.

    • Strategic Europe

    Europe After a No-Deal Brexit

    The disruption caused by Britain failing to agree an orderly exit from the European Union is immense—and dangerous for the bloc’s future stability.

    • Getting Europe’s Direct Democracy Right

      Bottom-up citizen interest in more direct forms of political control is a genie that cannot easily be put back into a bottle. Across Europe, direct democracy needs to be improved rather than suppressed.

      • Strategic Europe

      Brexit Talks: Only the Beginning

      Closing this round of Brexit talks requires concessions from either the UK or the EU that neither side can politically afford without first demonstrating that no other solution is possible.

      • Strategic Europe

      Brexit’s Never-ending Transition

      Whatever happens in the next few weeks, implementing Brexit could make the UK a rule-taker, not a rule-maker, perhaps indefinitely.

      • Strategic Europe

      Why Macedonia’s Failed Vote Matters

      There is still much unfinished business in the Western Balkans that can affect the stability of the region, unless the EU changes course.

      • Strategic Europe

      Judy Asks: Is a Brexit Deal Possible?

      A selection of experts answer a new question from Judy Dempsey on the foreign and security policy challenges shaping Europe’s role in the world.

      • Strategic Europe

      Brexit: Who Will Blink First?

      The endgame in the Brexit negotiations has come down to a battle of nerve for the UK and the EU. Unless one side gives way, the chances of talks ending without a deal look high and rising.

    Carnegie Experts on
    EU Integration

    • expert thumbnail - Dempsey
      Judy Dempsey
      Nonresident Senior Fellow
      Carnegie Europe
      Editor in chief
      Strategic Europe
      Dempsey is a nonresident senior fellow at Carnegie Europe and editor in chief of Strategic Europe.
    • expert thumbnail - Lehne
      Stefan Lehne
      Visiting Scholar
      Carnegie Europe
      Lehne is a visiting scholar at Carnegie Europe in Brussels, where his research focuses on the post–Lisbon Treaty development of the European Union’s foreign policy, with a specific focus on relations between the EU and member states.
    • expert thumbnail - Vimont
      Pierre Vimont
      Senior Fellow
      Carnegie Europe
      Vimont is a senior fellow at Carnegie Europe. His research focuses on the European Neighborhood Policy, transatlantic relations, and French foreign policy.
    • expert thumbnail - Youngs
      Richard Youngs
      Senior Fellow
      Democracy, Conflict, and Governance Program
      Youngs is an expert on the foreign policy of the European Union, in particular on questions of democracy support.

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