Democracy and Rule of Law

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    Erdogan Expels Ten Ambassadors

    Turkey’s President Recep Tayyip Erdogan threatened to expel ten Western ambassadors who called for the release of jailed businessman and philanthropist Osman Kavala. Marc Pierini looks at what is behind this move and the implications such a foreign policy decision could have.

    • Strategic Europe

    Continuity and Change in Belarusian Societal Attitudes

    Among Belarusians, trust in the political elite remains low while the perceived effectiveness of EU sanctions is decreasing. The union must keep the latter in mind when assessing its strategy toward the country.

    • Strategic Europe

    Judy Asks: Has the EU Lost the Western Balkans?

    The EU remains the Western Balkans’ primary trading partner and investor. But failing to step up engagement and deliver on enlargement promises will come at a high cost and benefit the likes of Russia and China.

    • Strategic Europe

    The High Cost of An Unpredictable Turkey

    With twenty months left until Turkey’s legislative and presidential elections, the political debate will be fierce. The West may choose to sit it out rather than see its relationship with Ankara deteriorate even further.

    • Commentary

    Reexamining Norms Diffusion: The EU, Democracy, and Rival Powers

    For many years, analysis on European foreign policies has centered on the notion of EU norms being diffused outwards. This dynamic is now facing greater resistance around the world and within Europe, as the EU's external policies become more equivocal. A new conceptual framework is required.

    • Research

    Rebuilding European Democracy: Resistance and Renewal in an Illiberal Age

    Despite serious concerns over the state of European democracy, a spirit of democratic resistance has gained significant traction. Still, to turn the tide decisively in democracy’s favor, more ambitious renewal will be needed.

    • Strategic Europe

    Europe’s New Walls

    Belarus is illegally sending migrants to Lithuania and Poland in response to these governments’ outspoken criticism of Lukashenko’s crackdown on the opposition. This cynical strategy is prompting the EU to forge its own short-sighted migration policy.

    • Research

    Civil Society and the Global Pandemic: Building Back Different?

    • Carnegie Civic Research Network
    • September 30, 2021

    Civil society groups are simultaneously responding to the pandemic’s direct impacts and looking to a post-pandemic future. Many economic, political, and geostrategic challenges are shaping their thinking and their strategies.

    • Research

    Green Democracy in Europe

    Numerous—sometimes competing—forms of democratic engagement have tried to answer the rallying cry for climate action. If harmonized, initiatives including depoliticized democracy, climate assemblies, and protest movements can bring Europe closer to green democracy.

    • Strategic Europe

    Georgian Democracy Is Dying By a Thousand Cuts

    For Georgia’s ruling party, regime survival seems to trump all other considerations. Georgian Dream’s fight with Western partners and persistent political polarization risk undoing the country’s democratic progress.

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