Democracy and Rule of Law

    • Strategic Europe

    The EU’s Ambiguous Fight for the Rule of Law

    The European Commission’s new report on the rule of law fails in three areas. To fight corruption and the abuse of power, the EU must use funds and sanctions strategically.

    • Commentary

    Coronavirus Tracking Apps: Normalizing Surveillance During States of Emergency

    Governments have embraced digital surveillance tools such as contact tracing apps in their response to the coronavirus pandemic. However, these technologies raise serious concerns related to the outsourcing of sensitive data and the potential infringement of human rights.

    • Strategic Europe

    EU to Russia: Stay Out of Belarus!

    • Tanja A. Börzel, Thomas Risse
    • September 24, 2020

    The European Union and its member states should put maximum pressure on Russia to follow their example and not meddle with the internal affairs of Belarus. Let the Belarusians deal with their own situation.

    • Strategic Europe

    How the Citizens of Belarus and Bulgaria Are Held Hostage

    The European Union’s commitment to democratic values are close to shatters as Cyprus and the European People’s Party contribute to keeping autocratic or corrupt leaders in power.

    • Event

    Global Democracy and the Coronavirus Fallout

    As the coronavirus pandemic tests governments and societies around the world, it is also stressing the already fragile state of global democracy by undermining critical democratic processes, sidelining human rights, and unfettering authoritarianism.

    • Strategic Europe

    Europe Divided Over Belarus’s Future

    The people of Belarus are peacefully demonstrating for their freedom. The EU’s member states, along with the United States, should do much more to support them.

    • Strategic Europe

    Germany’s Role in Belarus and Russia

    Angela Merkel, in her last stint as German chancellor, can still make a major difference for her country’s—and Europe’s—policy toward Belarus and Russia.

    • Strategic Europe

    Judy Asks: What Is Europe’s Best Way Forward for Belarus?

    Because of Russia, the EU will choose to thread carefully in its reaction to the tumultuous events taking place in Belarus. Moscow will remain the decisive player as the United States stays on the sidelines.

    • Strategic Europe

    Belarus’s Turn for Change

    The revolution taking place in Belarus on the European Union’s doorstep shows the enduring appeal of freedom, democracy, and courage. The reactions of the EU and Russia will test these aspirations.

    • Commentary

    Why Populism Can Survive the Pandemic

    Countries with populist governments have been especially badly hit by the coronavirus pandemic. But beware: the virus is unlikely to kill off populism. To rid the world of populism, its root causes must be addressed.

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