Democracy and Rule of Law

    • Strategic Europe

    Europe’s New Walls

    Belarus is illegally sending migrants to Lithuania and Poland in response to these governments’ outspoken criticism of Lukashenko’s crackdown on the opposition. This cynical strategy is prompting the EU to forge its own short-sighted migration policy.

    • Research

    Civil Society and the Global Pandemic: Building Back Different?

    • Carnegie Civic Research Network
    • September 30, 2021

    Civil society groups are simultaneously responding to the pandemic’s direct impacts and looking to a post-pandemic future. Many economic, political, and geostrategic challenges are shaping their thinking and their strategies.

    • Research

    Green Democracy in Europe

    Numerous—sometimes competing—forms of democratic engagement have tried to answer the rallying cry for climate action. If harmonized, initiatives including depoliticized democracy, climate assemblies, and protest movements can bring Europe closer to green democracy.

    • Strategic Europe

    Georgian Democracy Is Dying By a Thousand Cuts

    For Georgia’s ruling party, regime survival seems to trump all other considerations. Georgian Dream’s fight with Western partners and persistent political polarization risk undoing the country’s democratic progress.

    • Research

    Redefining the U.S.-Turkey Relationship

    To fix their troubled relationship, the United States and Turkey should take gradual, concrete steps that build confidence and focus on common agendas.

    • Strategic Europe

    Europe’s Looming Unpredictable Autumn

    There will be no respite when European leaders return from a summer break punctuated by floods, cyber attacks, coronavirus, and challenges to the EU’s rule of law. All the more reason for them to explain to citizens what is at stake for Europe’s future.*

    • Strategic Europe

    The Europe Angela Merkel Leaves Behind

    Chancellor Merkel’s last official visit to the White House holds a special political significance. President Biden has placed human rights and rule of law at the top of his agenda, just as these values are under attack from within and outside Europe.

    • Research

    Vaccine Geopolitics and the EU’s Ailing Credibility in the Western Balkans

    • Ana E. Juncos
    • July 08, 2021

    The coronavirus pandemic has strained the EU’s efforts to promote democracy. Nowhere is this clearer than in the Western Balkans, where China and Russia have used vaccine diplomacy to strengthen their roles in the region.

    • Strategic Europe

    How the EU Can Engage Russian Civil Society

    The European Union must ensure the survival of Russian civil society that is now subject to unprecedented repression. It also needs a strategy to respond quickly in case a narrow window of opportunity for democratic change opens in Russia.

    • Research

    Central European Support for Democracy: New Drivers and Challenges

    To reap the benefits of being valuable partners in promoting democracy abroad, the Visegrad Four countries must address democratic backsliding at home, improve coordination among themselves, and make bigger financial commitments.

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