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    Russia’s War in Ukraine Must Change the EU

    The EU needs to plan now for a new policy toward its Eastern neighbors. It cannot wait for Russia to end its destruction of Ukraine or destabilize other countries in the region.

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    From Glasgow to Worthing: The Public’s Mood in the UK

    The Conservative and Labour parties continue their face-off ahead of the midterm elections in the UK. The resulting outcome of seven councils will reveal the strengths and weaknesses of these two parties, as well as who is likely to win the next general election.

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    European “Lessons” for Turkey

    Recent elections in Europe may provide Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdogan with useful examples on how to undermine the integrity of the country’s democratic processes. These include the use of disinformation, media blackouts, and state resources to advantage the incumbent party.

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    Ukraine War Highlights Europe’s Failure to Reassure ASEAN

    ASEAN countries’ responses to the war in Ukraine have not been cohesive, largely due to the perceived selectiveness of the EU’s refugee policy. This disconnect is resulting in a breakdown of trust in the EU-ASEAN relationship, a partnership that is necessary in order to revive multilateralism.

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    What an Election in Slovenia Could Mean for Europe

    Slovenian voters had enough. They had enough of the kind of creeping populism, a kind of creeping authoritarianism that used the democratic system to kind of consolidate Jansa's power. They got fed up of the corruption.

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    The Age of The Strongman Leader

    A trend in twenty-first century politics is the rise of populist and authoritarian leaders, including in so-called democratic countries. From reassurance to intimidation, the world's strongmen share many characteristics and tactics.

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    The High Price of German Hesitancy

    A Russian victory in Ukraine would change the map of Europe. Germany could help prevent this by sending vital military equipment to Kyiv and banning Russian energy imports.

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    Russia’s Invasion of Ukraine: A Game Changing Week

    Tolerating the torture and killings in Bucha, Borodyanka, and Kramatorsk is a danger to European democracy. Documenting these war crimes, along with changing Germany’s attitude toward appeasement, is one way the EU can actively support Ukraine.

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    Serbia’s Vučić Proved He Is Here to Stay

    Aleksandar Vucic’s re-election as president will have important consequences for both Serbia and the wider region. Stuck between Russia and the West, Belgrade will likely continue its balancing act.

    • Strategic Europe

    Hungary Enters a New Era of Autocracy

    After Viktor Orbán’s landslide victory, the illiberal Hungary experiment will continue. Brussels must respond decisively to the erosion of democracy and media freedom.

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