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    War in Ukraine Exposes Food System Flaws

    Russia’s invasion of Ukraine is raising prices for food and energy supplies, which may trigger huge crises around the world. In an era of climate change and disruption, there is an urgent need for a systemic rethinking of how to address food production on the global scale.

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    Russia’s Invasion of Ukraine: A Game Changing Week

    Tolerating the torture and killings in Bucha, Borodyanka, and Kramatorsk is a danger to European democracy. Documenting these war crimes, along with changing Germany’s attitude toward appeasement, is one way the EU can actively support Ukraine.

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    Parallels Between the Russian Invasions of Chechnya and Ukraine

    There are striking parallels between the Russian invasion of Chechnya in 1994 and of Ukraine today. In both cases, the Russian leader believed that war would be over quickly, and even that many people would welcome them as liberators. In both cases, the Chechens and Ukrainians rallied and fought back.

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    Russia’s Wars in Chechnya Offer a Grim Warning of What Could Be in Ukraine

    While President Vladimir Putin expected little resistance in Ukraine, as was the case in Crimea in 2014, instead he is experiencing what Russia faced in its 1994 attempted invasion of Chechnya. In both cases, once Russian forces encountered political resistance, they had no plan B, leading to intense fighting.

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    Women and Leadership in a Challenging Period of Transition

    • Rosa Balfour
    • December 23, 2021
    • Women in International Security

    Featuring Rosa Balfour and Corinna Hörst, the WIIS Brussels’s final podcast of 2021 highlights these experts’s experiences in the worlds of academia and European affairs. The episode also looks back on the challenges of European security, defense, and foreign affairs in 2021, and looks forward to the new year.

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    The Miserable State of EU-Russia Relations

    What is at stake is the post-Cold War era. Russia does not want to give up its control or influence over eastern Europe, whether it is Ukraine, Belarus, or Azerbaijan.

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    EU and UK Foreign and Security Policy After Brexit

    Rosa Balfour, director of Carnegie Europe, talks to Paul Adamson about the tensions in creating an EU foreign and security policy and the UK's new Integrated Review.

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    Trump’s Relationship With NATO, One Year Into His Presidency

    Despite U.S. President Donald Trump’s criticism of NATO, the United States continues to be very supportive of the alliance on the ground.

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    Russian War Games

    The West should be worried about Moscow obfuscating the scope of its military exercises, but fears of an attack or invasion during Zapad-17 are overblown.

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    Hollande Presses EU Member States for IS Coalition

    While French President François Hollande calls for cooperation among EU member states against the so-called Islamic State, Brussels remains on lockdown against the threat of a possible attack.

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