What Is Next for Ukraine?

April 22, 2014

The situation in Ukraine is spiraling downward. Read comprehensive analysis from Brussels, Moscow, and Washington and follow Carnegie experts on Twitter for instant reactions.

Latest Analysis

Europe Looks On as Russia Marches Into Ukraine
Judy Dempsey, Strategic Europe

As Ukraine Stares Into the Abyss, Where Is Europe’s Leadership?
Dmitri Trenin, Guardian

It’s Not Geopolitics, Stupid!
Roland Freudenstein, Strategic Europe

Is Russia Pursuing Its Own Ink Spot Strategy in Eastern Ukraine?
Eugene Rumer, Eurasia Outlook


Russia’s New Challenge to Europe

Article April 17, 2014

Russia’s actions in Ukraine are forcing Europeans to reconsider long-held assumptions about their relations with Russia. It is time for the EU to get tough with the Kremlin.

Topics Discussed

The Dangers of German Strategic Haplessness

Strategic Europe April 8, 2014

Germany owes much of its strength to the fact that the country is embedded into the West. Germans should remember that and eschew any temptations of neutrality.

Topics Discussed

Erdoğan’s Pyrrhic Victory

Project Syndicate April 3, 2014

After winning recent local elections, Turkey’s prime minister may opt to lower the political temperature at home in the hope of repairing the country’s frayed relations abroad.


From Transformation to Mediation: The Arab Spring Reframed

Paper March 20, 2014

Politics in the Middle East are polarized and fragmented. The Arab Spring’s citizen-led spirit of reform is still alive, but societies are torn apart by bitter tensions.


Time to Reset the European Neighborhood Policy

Paper February 4, 2014

The EU’s approach to its neighbors is not working. Launching a fundamentally renewed European Neighborhood Policy should be a top priority for the EU leadership.


The Uncertain Legacy of Crisis

Book January 22, 2014

The European Union is mired in the worst crisis it has seen for many decades. And the crisis does not stop at Europe’s edge.


The Assad Regime: Winning on Points

Yezid Sayigh April 10, 2014

The Assad regime is clawing its way back to a position of dominance in the Syrian conflict. But it can only maintain that position as long as the armed conflict endures.

Topics Discussed
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