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  • Armenians and Turks in the Shadow of 1915
    March 17, 2015  – Brussels

    One century on, the destruction of the Armenians of the Ottoman Empire during World War I is still a live and divisive issue for Armenians and Turks alike.

  • Germany: Looking Beyond Its Borders
    March 16, 2015  – Silken Berlaymont Brussels Hotel, Brussels Deutsch

    Frank-Walter Steinmeier has announced that Germany is ready to step up its foreign policy ambitions. What does the future hold for the country’s external relations?

  • The European Neighborhood Policy: Which Way Forward?
    March 2, 2015  – Vienna

    Ten years after its launch, it is time to rethink the European Neighborhood Policy. There is a need for greater differentiation and for more nimble and flexible instruments.

  • How to Fix EU Democracy
    February 18, 2015  – Brussels

    To everyday citizens, the EU institutions appear distant, obscure, and elitist. With populism and Euroskepticism on the rise, how can the EU win back the trust of its people?

  • Crisis in Ukraine, One Year On
    February 10, 2015  – UK Permanent Representation to the EU

    After a serious escalation of violence in eastern Ukraine, EU policymakers are weighing up the possibility of expanding sanctions against Russia. Is that the right approach?

  • Recharting EU-Turkey Relations
    January 27, 2015  – Brussels

    Following recent EU leadership changes and the election of a new president and the creation of a new cabinet in Turkey, can the EU-Turkey relationship be revitalized?

  • The Battle of Waterloo, Two Hundred Years Later
    January 20, 2015  – Brussels

    Two centuries ago, the Battle of Waterloo was more than just an allied victory over Napoleon’s French army—it marked the start of almost fifty years of peace in Europe.

  • Trade and Energy Governance
    December 9, 2014  – Brussels

    The world’s energy system looks very different today than in the fifty years following the second World War.

  • EU-Russia Relations: Now in Permanent Crisis?
    November 27, 2014  – Brussels

    The cooling of relations between Russia and the West has been the most important geopolitical event of 2014 for Europe. So what are the prospects for Western-Russian ties in 2015?

  • A New Ambition for Europe
    November 20, 2014  – Brussels, Silken Berlaymont Brussels Hotel

    With a new EU foreign policy high representative coming into office, it is high time for the EU to become the strategic actor it has set out to be.

  • Europe in the New Middle East
    November 19, 2014  – Brussels

    After the EU floundered in its initial response to the Arab Spring, it now has to reconsider some of the fundamental tenets of its strategic approach to the Middle East.

  • Meeting Minister Bozkır: Reenergizing the Turkey-EU Debate
    October 16, 2014  – Brussels

    The EU and Turkey must reenergize their bilateral relationship, as there are many different issues on which Brussels and Ankara will need to work together.

  • In Conversation With NATO Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen
    September 15, 2014  – Bibliothèque Solvay, Brussels

    As NATO faces multiple security challenges—from a revisionist Russia in the East to Islamic extremism in the South—it is time for a real strategic debate.

  • Carnegie Europe Live From the NATO Summit in Wales
    September 5, 2014  – NATO Summit Wales, Newport, United Kingdom

    Carnegie Europe was on the ground at the NATO summit in Wales on September 4–5, giving our readers exclusive access to the high-level discussions as they unfold.

  • NATO: In Search of a New Narrative
    July 3, 2014  – Brussels

    It is time for NATO members to engage in a real strategic debate about why defense matters and what must be done to uphold both the transatlantic relationship and its values.

  • TTIP and Third Countries: Locked In or Left Out?
    June 26, 2014  – Brussels

    Amid ongoing negotiations on a transatlantic trade and investment partnership, it is unclear how the deal could be opened up to third countries once talks are concluded.

  • Perspectives of the Next Generation: Challenges to Security in the OSCE
    May 27, 2014  – Vienna, Austria

    Representatives from Carnegie’s EASI Next Generation Network will summarize the results of the Euro-Atlantic Security Initiative Next Generation Leaders Conference and deliver their recommendations to the broader Euro-Atlantic community.

  • Time to Upgrade EU Foreign Policy
    May 15, 2014  – Brussels

    Facing crises in Ukraine and the Middle East, it is past time to reform and strengthen the European Union’s foreign policy.

  • EU Security Amid Crisis in Ukraine
    May 12, 2014  – Brussels, Hotel Silken Berlaymont

    Recent events in Ukraine have been a stark reminder of the perennially fragile nature of stability and peace in Europe.

  • Closing Space: Democracy and Human Rights Support Under Fire
    April 14, 2014  – Brussels

    International support for democracy and human rights faces a serious challenge after its increased influence in the last decades.


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