Will the US Bomb Pakistan?

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U.S. concerns about Pakistan's nuclear weapons are sometimes exaggerated; the risk of nuclear war between India and Pakistan is greater than that of terrorists gaining access to Pakistan's nuclear arsenal.
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Speaking on NPR's To the Point, George Perkovich argued that worries over Pakistan's nuclear weapons are sometimes exaggerated in the United States and talked about in ways that are counterproductive. "There is a nuclear worry that I think is much greater, which is the possibility that a conflict with India will happen again," Perkovich said. He added that if India retaliates to an attack by a Pakistani terrorist group, there is a risk of military escalation that could lead to nuclear war. "The risk of nuclear war between Pakistan and India I think is well above zero," Perkovich said. He concluded that the key to stability in the region is getting “the Pakistani state apparatus not only to stop supporting groups that commit terror, but to try to turn against them."

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Source http://carnegieendowment.org/2011/09/27/will-us-bomb-pakistan/8kz3

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