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  • Judy Asks: Have the Europeans Any Influence in the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict?

    The EU has enough leverage to play a positive role in the Middle East. But to make an impact, it must overcome internal divisions and stop propping up an unsustainable status quo in Israel and Palestine.

  • Who Will Repair Broken Britain?

    Britain’s woes did not start—and do not end—with Brexit. The country needs a leadership with ideas that rise to the challenges the UK faces today.

  • Turkey’s Profound Transformation Matters to Europe

    Turkey has been undergoing important political, economic, and foreign policy shifts that impact its European partners. But with Turkish parliamentary and presidential elections approaching, what matters most is the kind of society voters want for themselves.

  • Europe Waits for German Leadership

    Chancellor Scholz’s refusal to send Leopard tanks to Ukraine is antagonizing Germany’s allies and will negatively impact European integration. Berlin should seize this chance to shape history.

  • Judy Asks: Is European Strategic Autonomy Over?

    Russia’s war in Ukraine has highlighted Europe’s dependence on the United States for security. While strategic autonomy may be out of reach, the EU must work to strengthen the European pillar of NATO.

  • Europe Needs a New Iran Strategy

    Iran’s protesters have long moved beyond the issue of dress code to demand fundamental freedoms and human rights. Europe must adjust its response in light of the regime’s continued crackdown.

  • Nearly One Year In, How Does This War End?

    • Kateryna Pishchikova
    • Thursday, January 12, 2023

    As Russia’s brutal attack continues, it is becoming increasingly clear that the war will have no winners. The West must do more to help Ukraine end the human suffering, attain a just peace, and preserve its sovereignty.

  • Germany Must Move Past the Crossroads

    New Western commitments to deliver combat vehicles to Ukraine are putting Berlin on the spot. To prevent Russia from further destabilizing Europe, Germany must forge a special Europapolitik.

  • The War in Ukraine Highlights European Rifts

    Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has exposed important differences in European visions of future security. If left to fester, these will deepen resentment between Europe’s East and West.*

  • After the Tirana Summit: No Big Bang in the Balkans

    Bringing the Western Balkans into Brussels’ fold through extra money or more vigorous diplomacy has become a priority since Russia’s latest invasion of Ukraine. But the EU cannot deliver the holy grail: speedy membership.

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